For as long as anyone could remember the area of the brain associated with the unconscious is still the most fascinating object to become a subject. Practically every study imaginable deals with unawareness as a behavior learned after birth or habits trying to be forgotten. Currently this mindless aspect of life can only be remember through it's counterpart 
known as mindfulness. Contrary to popular beliefs many Philosophers & Psychologist would consider unconsciousness to be a storage area of the brain used to keep records of an individual experience throughout life.

This may seem complex at first giving the impression that in order to make a statement true a person must a hypothesis. The downfall to this experiment is that no one can clearly define a hypothesis for this occasion. Therefore the only logical and analytical answer would have to be that both of these ideas must be true even when it is false. Talk about contradictions not playing fair right? Well this is how many battles start and never end. This is why writers end up with writers block because they try to be under two umbrellas at the same time.

This phenomena is best imagined as one person trying to think and write at the same time. When in fact in order to write or express yourself on any level of communication you have to first think...then stop...and then choose a action. Now that your reading this you may be thinking to yourself...”well that sounds simple to understand,”but guess what? In order to understand that information you're going to have to stand under that information. (Insert Reverie Here and Feel Free To Laugh Out Loud!)27 and 72Credit: By Pinewood Paladin

With that being said it is safe to say that emotions should be expressed as much as possible in order to allow egotistical views to be transformed into altruistic ways of life and it's reciprocal. This is what all the information you have read earlier is all about. Of course I could not have written all this information without thinking about you (the reader) and myself (the writer) simultaneously from two different reference point. I call this location the Epicenter of Infinite and Definite also known as The Imagination Proclamation.

Allow me to state for the record that this epicenter simply means the location of everyone heart individually. The reason why I say heart is because when we think with the heart we are altruistic and that is definite. The reason why I did not say the brain is because we each are egotistical individually and we all are infinite in numbers. With that being said we each represent infinity and definitely at the same time as two umbrellas.