Choose your thoughts carefully





When I was a young man I used to consider myself lucky. While I had little money, I always seemed to be able to get the things I wanted without much expense or effort. Now at a much more advanced age, I realize I'm not lucky, just very obsessive.

For example, I once believed I would be a great writer if only I had a portable manual typewriter, (yes I know, long ago and far way). One day, a neighbor I barely knew, stopped by the house and offered me just such a typewriter for twenty dollars. I bought it of course, though sadly came to realize that a typewriter does not a bestseller make.

Looking back at the incident and many others in my life, I found the thing they had in common was not luck, but obsession. Once I decided I wanted something, I would think about it every single day in great detail. How it looked, how thrilled I would be to have whatever I had in mind and how perfect life would be once it was in my possession. Those thoughts would permeate my every waking moment until at last I would achieve my dream.

As I grew older, my desires grew more complicated, now including jobs, relationships, status and so on in the unending parade of dreams of success common to us all. My success rate was a little spottier now since my wants conflicted with the wants of others sometimes more motivated than I, but the same principle held true. If I truly wanted something, I could usually achieve it so long as I held it in my mind consistently and in great detail.

I also came to realize something else, it was not something that had to be done consciously. People do it every day without realizing what they are doing. The unfortunate thing is that the law of attraction is not particular as to the desired object. You can as easily attract misery as happiness and in fact are far more likely to do so. To paraphrase the book of Job, the thing I fear most is come upon me. Something held in the mind with fear for a long enough time, will indeed come upon you. Anything good or bad, held with clarity and emotion in the mind will manifest given sufficient time.

Review the thoughts that go through your mind on a daily basis, if there is something in which you invest a great deal of thought, make sure it is something you would like to see in your life, because sooner or later, it will be.