Using an underwater mp3 player for swimming can be a great experience. Finding the best swimming mp3 player is crucial for swimmers that want to listen to their favorite music underwater.


Listening to an Underwater MP3 Player

Swimming laps does not have to be a monotonous task anymore. Training should not have to feel like work. Having your favorite MP3 songs playing underwater can help push you through when your muscles are giving out in the pool. The problem with listening to music underwater is the swooshing of your swimming strokes can drowned out the music.

Finding the right MP3 Player for Swimming

View the selection of underwater mp3 players that Amazon has to offer. It is helpful to read testimonials from customers that have used a swimming mp3 player. As you can see some of them have not received the best reviews. It is a fairly new technology so it is important to get as much information as you can before you make a purchase.

The best mp3 player for swimmers is not going to be an underwater mp3 player that compromises sound quality. Fortunately they have developed an underwater mp3 player that uses vibrations off of the cheek and ear bones to create sound. Basic underwater mp3 players output sound through the open air and water which has not been proven to be a reliable method of underwater mp3 swimming enjoyment.

The next part of choosing a swimmers mp3 player is dealing with the wiring. It is best to find a device that does not have any wires that could potentially effect the fluidity of your swimming stroke. Behind the head is the most convenient location of the wires in an underwater mp3 player.

Nobody wants water in their ears

It may seem like you could simply make an underwater mp3 player that is waterproof and it would work for swimmers. The fact of the matter is that the ear canal is effected adversely from placing an earbud inside as you swim. Water can get into the ear and make swimming much less enjoyable. The SwiMP3 player avoids all of these issues because it does not go directly into the ear. It attaches to the goggles and transmits sound against the cheekbones. Therefore you do not have to bang the side of your head after you get out of the pool to get the water out.

No more boring lap swimming

An underwater mp3 player is ideal for people that love the full body workout they get from swimming but they feel like swimming is BORING. It is true, swimming laps in a pool by yourself is not the funnest activity at the gym. It's pretty neat when technology can help us get motivated to stay in shape.