A company that prides itself on nutrition, secretly only cares about the 'numbers'.

General Nutrition Center, a worldwide company that specializes is supplements and overall nutrition has been around since the early 1900's. GNC is a multitude of different customers, mostly because of the variety of products that the stores have in stock. The products that they have in stock are high end, and have been tested and retested. Recently, I went into a GNC to shop for some weight loss supplements. I did some research on USP Labs products and was completely sold on Oxy Elite Pro. This was about six months ago- I went in to the GNC by my house, I was told how bad of a product that it is, how it will make my heart explode, and finally-a pre-workout pill called "Refine" is a much better product. I was so disappointed with the customer service. I was in the market for a part-time job to get my family through Christmas, so I asked for an application. Sure enough, I got the job!

When I began my 'training', I was trained immediately on only Premium Performance Products, or the P3 program. These products were specifically GNC products that were all basically upsell products. This was the only training that I received on the sales floor. I was also strictly told that the hours that I would receive per week would be solely based on how many of these products that I have sold. I was also told that my multivitamin percent against how much total sales that I would sell would equate into my following weeks hours. Other variables include the soft chewable’s that they offer and their gold card program. The chews taste really good, but also have a TON of sodium and other non-essentials. The gold card program  is a discount program that they offer which you can only receive the first seven days of every month. Unfortunately, if you flip those 'sales tags' than you will see that after 'Gold Card' week, the sales are basically the same!!!!

What does this mean to the customers? Well, being that I didn't have much (actually zero) training in all of the vitamins and 'general nutrition', I was basically just a human trying to sell p3's to everyone and anyone that walked into the door. So you shouldn't come to a GNC with questions. I needed to be pushy, aggressive, and an overpowering liar to the customers-just so that I can get hours the following week. I truly do not feel that this is fair to anyone looking to get help with nutritional assistance. If you are to shop at a local GNC, please do your own personal research and do not listen to any nutritional consultant in these stores. Each product has it's pro's and con's, and by matching something together that interacts may be very bad for you. The minimum wage employees work mostly on commission and need hours to compensate for their poor pay.

Overall, The GNC products are absolutely amazing-but they are not the best! It is unfortunate that a company with so much potential would practice such unorthodox, customer service-less ways. I truly hope that they will change their ways soon, until then folks-buyer beware!