The Unintentionally Creepy Comedy Movies of Robin Williams

Creepy Robin Williams

After sitting down and watching Patch Adams, which I must say is an excellent movie, I noticed something: Robin Williams' characters are extremely creepy in several of his movies.  

That isn't saying that Robin Williams hasn't been in several excellent movies, but often times his character is quite the creeper.  This is largely due to several roles that he's casted as.  No matter how he would have acted out the parts, they still would have came off as creepy, though unintentionally creepy.  His characters are usually over the top, performing several quirky imitations, and simply being very exuberant in his humor.  I've chosen several different movies to explain in my analysis of the unintentionally creepy comedy movies of Robin Williams.

1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

There is no way around the creep factor of Mrs. Doubtfire.  The broad synopsis, is that Robin Williams' wife divorces him, and he's only allowed to see his kids every once an a while.  He wants to be around his kids more often, so he poses as an elderly house keeper in order to spend time with his kids.  This is an unintentionally creepy comedy movie of Robin Williams on every single level.  First of all, Robin Williams dresses as an elderly woman, and seems to receive a lot of joy out of it.  Throughout the movie as he's posing as an elderly woman, he seems to take gratification and humor out of this event.  What he seemingly forgets, is that he's breaking restrictions enforced by laws in court, creeping around his ex-wife's house, and creeping on his own children.  This is unintentionally creepy, but extremely weird once one actual looks at the situation.  What else is shocking, is that Robin Williams' ex-wife doesn't even notice that it's her husband.  You would believe that the bond that existed between the two, would allow her to recognize her husband through the thin disguise of an elderly woman.  What really makes Mrs. Doubtfire the creepiest, is that Robin Williams does an excellent portrayal of an elderly house cleaner, as if it's what he's meant for.  The most disturbing part of Mrs. Doubtfire, is that his daughter discovers the flaw, when she walks in on him in the bathroom, standing up while he's urinating.  This would be absolutely mortifying for any child to experience, and illuminates the horror in what Robin Williams' character imposed on his family.

2. Patch Adams

Patch Adams

Patch Adams is a wonderful movie about a man who wants to help the sick through fun and the healing power of laughter.  This is completely acceptable and not weird on any level.  This was added to the list of the unintentionally creepy movies of Robin Williams, because Robin Williams' character is quite the creeper.  I respect what he's doing in the movie, but he goes about it in typical, creepy Robin Williams fashion.  He randomly waltzes into the hospitals and communes with patients that he's not supposed to be around.  On several different occasions, he breaks into the children's cancer ward and performs zany antics to get them laughing.  This may seem like a funny, good thing to do, but when you think about it, it's creepy.  Robin Williams is sneaking around terminally ill children to perform jokes, when he simply could have asked for permission.  He was told on several occasions to quit going in there and goofing around, because it's a hospital and he's a weird stranger to these children, yet still went in there anyways.  This eventually gets him kicked out of school, so he starts his own goofy hospital.  It's a heartwarming message, but this doesn't negate the fact that what he had been doing was trespassing, and it's illegal.

3. Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man

This unintentionally creepy comedy movie of Robin Williams, shows a creepy Robin Williams as a creepy robot.  The movie is set in a futuristic society, where people have robots to perform as basically slaves, and the creepy Robin Williams robot longs to be more human.  A robot wanting to be human is very creepy if you think about it, but the extent that robot Robin Williams goes to, in order to achieve humanity, is quite creepy.  Robin Williams gets flesh, organs, facial emotion, etc. added to his robotics by using the knowledge of a mad scientist.  This attempt to achieve human status is shocking, and also the workings of an excellent sci-fi horror movie, yet the movie sets this quest for humanity to be something noble and admirable.  He ends up falling in love with a human woman, who ends up falling in love with him once he acheives almost complete human level.  The fact that he loves her is typical creepy Robin Williams, disguising his true identity by becoming someone more admirable and breaking rules.  The supreme creepy moment of this movie comes when the woman he loves, loves him in return.  The movie doesn't depict a mutual human/robot love as being weird, but being romantic.  This is absurd on almost every single level, shows the extent of how creepy Robin Williams can be, and sends a weird message to the viewers.

Though I'm uncertain if Robin Williams is as big of a creeper as he usually portrays in several of his movies, his characters are quite weird.  This in no way states that Robin Williams isn't a funny person, or a bad actor, it just highlights how creepy Robin Williams can be.  All of these movies are pretty old, and I'm unsure whether or not, if there will be more unintentionally creepy comedy movies of Robin Williams.