Was consistently interesting

Solid plot

Incredibly surprising ending


Several questions were left unanswered

Poor acting by some of the actors

Full Review

I recently got a chance to watch the 2009 movie The Uninvited. I was expecting it to be just like every other horror/thriller movie, but was pleasantly surprised when The Uninvited turned out to be much more.

The movie seemed more like a psychological thriller. It made you believe something throughout the entire movie and then made you question every detail that happened before at the end of the movie. The script was brilliant. The scenes were frightening at times, but not overly so. The horror aspect was not overdone. There were a few dead bodies that talked, but it wasn't filled with blood and gore.

Some of the actors were not all that great and made their characters unbelievable, but it worked out in the end. In the big surprise ending you are left wondering about several things that I wish they would have clarified.

In Closing

This is definitely a movie I would recommend. Chances are, if you watch it once, you will have to watch it again almost immediately to see the movie from a different point of view.