Ever since the inception of Andoird, most of the major mobile manufacturers have developed mobile devices with varying sizes and styles running Android. But other than the prevailing styles that are under the use of most common users, various phones with unique and innovative shapes have also been developed.

Among these phones, Alienware Android Phones are probably the most-unique devices when it comes to design. These phones were initially decided to be manufactured with the collaboration of Google and Alienware, which has now become a subsidiary of Dell. However, so far the plans of releasing such a product are pending.

Previously, Aleinware was only manufacture ring high-end laptops and desktops and enjoyed high repute in developing video gaming equipment and  efficient desktops. Eventually, the project of developing Smartphones running Android as their OS was brought under consideration.

Dell acquired Alienware in 2006 and since then, Alienware has been acting as a subsidiary of Dell. Rumors have been circulating for quite a while about the release of a Smartphone that would be manufactured by Aleinware and would use Android OS. This Alienware Android Phone has not been realized as yet and one famous prototype of the phone has circulated over the internet for quite a while.

Dell has been considering to enter the market of mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets for quite a while. However, the actual implementation of such plans has not been done as yet. The design of the Alienware Android phone that was released resembles with the Alienware desktop computer case and is very catchy.

There are, however, those who criticize the development of any phones on the above mentioned lines. According to the critics, even if the plans to develop such a phone are implemented, the phone would not prove to be very successful. This is because most manufacturers as well as users prefer to handle mobile devices which are more comfortable.

Alienware design has several bumps and edges which would naturally make the device difficult to handle. However, this is not much of a serious issue and can be ignored considering other interesting features and innovative design of the phone. For the time being, due to several operational and management constraints, the actual implementation of such phone has not yet been done.

If such a phone is released in near future, it would certainly be an innovative addition in the existing list of noteworthy products developed by Dell and it would certainly be fun to use such as device. There are also rumors that the plans to develop such a phone might be dropped in favor of Windows-based phone that would be more in line with the conventional Smartphones.

 According to the resources, AMD’s Eyefinity technology and nVidia’s multi-display capabilities might be used in this new phone. We can expect the usual Smartphone feature of capacitive touch screen, back-end and front cameras and super AMOLED screen to be part of any Alienware phone that would be developed in future. But the actual implementation of the phone itself is a serious question as yet.