The Battle of Lexington and Concord

The Revolutionary Crisis was a prelude to what we know today as the Revolutionary war between the American colonists and the Britain. This crisis involved numerous important leaders on both sides that were very important throughout the course of the war. There were also key events that took place before the war that would eventually unravel into a devastating war, which led to the United States of America gaining freedom from Britain and declaring itself as an independent nation to the rest of the world. Finally, there were significant issues that caused the dispute between the colonists and the British royal throne that could have been negotiated in different ways. All of the events, leaders, and issues were very important in sparking a revolutionary war in America at the time,


As with any war, there were important leaders that led the military forces, but there also members of government that played a major part in the war as well. One very important figure on the American side, if not the most important of them all was George Washington. While Washington had sided with the British Royal throne in earlier years, he realized the importance of the United States becoming an independent nation and took charge of the army as a supreme military commander. This was very helpful to the United States, as they did not necessarily have the proper military training for the war, but they did have an experienced leader. Other Leaders were Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. These three men played an important role on the governmental side of things by collaborating on and writing the declaration of independence and other important documents for the United States. This is just a small handful of leaders for the American colonists, but they were extremely important to America’s overall success in the war.


Another important part of the Revolutionary Crisis were the events and battles that took place before the full=fledged war. One important event that took place was the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This was important because it was the colonists stating to the entire world that the United States was now an independent country and was not under British control. This angered the British Royal Government and they were planning on taking hold of all of the Gunpowder at Lexington, which led to the colonists revolting to cause the Battle of Lexington. These events were a representation of how the colonists felt towards the British Royal Government.


Finally, there were significant issues before the Revolutionary war between the United State colonists and Britain which really resulted in the war. One of the significant issues was high taxation on the colonists from the British royal government, and so the colonists replied to that by stating “No Taxation Without Representation.” Along with this came the Boston Tea Party, where colonists dressed up as Indians rowed out to some British Ships and threw all of the tea overboard in order to show how upset they were with the British and their current policies. One of the most important issues that colonists faced was choosing hich side they would be on for the Revolutionary war in America. While there were many people that turned against Britain, some still remained loyal to the throne.


A lot of different things played a role in determining the final outcome of the Revolutionary War. All kinds of events, issues, and important leaders decided who would be supreme in this fight for independence. In the end, the United States Colonists rallied together to form a union and defeat the British. This is all very important as it shaped the history of modern government as we know it.