In a world  where one percent of the human population owns forty percent of the monetary wealth, in a world where one person dies every second from starvation, in a world where 24,000 children die daily from preventable diseases, its apparent that something is obviously wrong.  One man, Jacque Fresco, a social engineer and author has a plan to rebuild the entire culture from the ground up and eliminate that majority of problems that are common to all humans.

jacque frescoBorn on March 13, 1916, Fresco has worked as a designer and inventor from a wide range of integrated social systems.  He performed many jobs which involved technology such as the Rotor Craft Helicopter Company, former designer at the Air-force Base, and worked as a research engineer at the Raymond De-Icer Corporation.  His career pattern gave him the ability to solidify his ideas onto paper so he could construct his futuristic visions.  For the past seventy years Jacque Fresco has be working diligently on his concept to better the world. This concept is titled the Venus Project.  This ideology makes up the fabric of Fresco’s life work and information accumulated over the years must be noted in order to understand the man himself (Zeitgeist 2008).

The Venus Project maintains if everyone wants to bring an end to war, poverty, corruption, hunger, round citymisery, human suffering and considerably reduce crime then we must declare all resources on this earth as the common heritage to every human in existence. Secondly people must eradicate all the artificial boundaries that paralyze man, and prevent him from growing. Lastly, through the use of education, the use of technology would create abundance of food and shelter for everyone. If we do not make this change, then the consistent problems that we have to this day will continue.  Simply put, what the Venus Project advocates is the implementation of a Resourced-based Economy as opposed to our current Monetary Based Economy. The difference between a monetary system and a Resource-based Economy is, a Resource-based Economy really focuses on the well being of humans as opposed to the monetary system which puts the well being of people second behind capital gain. Its difficult for people to grasp a hold of this concept because they are unaware as to the current state of technology.  The Resource-based Economy does not have money, banks, laws, politics, or jails (Zeitgeist 2008).

Money was a convenience designed by man a long time ago.  When the barter system became too complicated civilizations started using money to simplify the structure of trade.  Money soon became the most corrupting medium in the world.  Money can be used to pay off people and manipulate populations.  On a more subtle level, there is an underlining mechanism within a monetary structure that triggers aberrant human behavior.  This mechanism is scarcity. 

Scarcity is one of the key components to giving something value. Scarcity exists among nature and artificially among the monetary system. Its the idea of scarcity which can bring people to their knees or bring people to a more prosperous state of life. Money is made scarce purposely so that it has value to it. But when this is approached from a more broad spectrum you will see money is really the factor that creates limitation to the advancement of human society. There have thousands of starving and ill African Americans. One person dies every second from starvation. This does not have to do with lack of food. It has to do with lack of money. Another example, the advancement of medical research is simply limited by the availability of money and the profit incentive to keep those existing created jobs available. We do not have solutions for dangerous illnesses such as cancer.  Why is this?  Because the availability of money hasn't given us the technology to discover a solution. If there is a limitation on the availability of money then you are sure to have a group of people who do not have as much money as others.  This differential advantage can create aberrant human behavior because people must compete with each other in order to survive. This pattern has been apparent for so long that people believe these things are natural.  To reiterate, money limits human from advancing at a more efficient rate.

young jacqueFresco states a majority of the population are lead to believe politicians do what is best for our society. This is simply not true according to Jacque Fresco.  Politicians are placed in office to keep the status quo in order. They will not make real change, promote critical thinking, or solve our technical problems of life. When money is incorporated as a variable then the idea of a true democracy cannot exist.  If someone has more money to advertise their position, the position they desire in government, then there is no democracy. The monetary structure serves those in positions of differential advantage, so it is always a dictatorship of the elitists, and the financially wealthy.  People are given the choice to vote between two people who have a similar social views, which keeps the current system established. Jacque Fresco stated “They say democracy is the participation of people with governmental affairs. Ask yourself this. Did you vote for the space station? Did you vote for where interstates were being built? Did you vote for the Vietnam War? Did you vote for the current war?” All responses were no. Fresco finished by saying “Then where the hell do you participate? Its an illusion” (Zeitgeist 2008).

In order for the transitional phase to a Resource Based Economy to take place there has to be a large natural or economic bio-social pressure which creates a shift in consciousness (occupy movement). If humans do not understand their relationship with nature, then you are guaranteed a world of trouble.
Jacque Fresco understands everyone must target the issues within the environment which triggers aberrant human behavior. Through this understanding and use of technology this extraordinary author has hopes of helping everyone. Jacque Fresco expresses his system is not perfect. It’s just a lot better than the current system.  One very pro-founding comment from Fresco is, “Your range of thought is limited by the dominate value system you were raised in. We must tackle the problems that are common to all humans.”  (Zeitgeist 2008). If prosperity is the goal for our future society, then people must look in the mirror to see the change they want to become.

Please watch the video below to hear Jacque Fresco talk about todays social issues.