Given the mobility of today's society it is difficult to imagine anyone who would not enjoy the convenience of remote control software. For business it can be invaluable as it provides any business with an edge over the competition.

Today's business world is stress driven. Business people spend a lot of time en route to some place. Suppose a high level executive from San Francisco is attending a meeting in New York.  Just before he leaves his hotel, he realizes that he has forgotten an important document that is on his desktop back home. This scenario has played out for many executives for years. Traditionally it often resulted in a frantic call to a secretary accompanied by orders to express the documents by messenger service immediately - always a costly operation. But, today, with the proper software, all the executive needs to do is locate an Internet connection. He can then access his computer back home and quickly download the file - no messenger costs, no waiting and no frustration.

Or imagine a saleswoman who is on a call and needs some information from her home computer. At one time she would have had to leave the potential customer's office, retrieve the data and return. During this time her potential customer may have undergone a "cooling off" period and the sale would have been lost. But now with this software installed on her computer, she can retrieve the document in a matter of minutes, continue working with her clients and at the same time impress them with her expertise.

Whenever an individual is out in the field carrying a laptop and needs information from another computer at the home office it is easily accessed by logging onto the Internet. Then the home office computer is displayed on the laptop screen and can be operated from the laptop, allowing the laptop user to retrieve any desired data.

Remote control software is not just limited to business usage. It has many advantages for personal use as well. For example, when vacationers suddenly find themselves with a full digital card, they can easily send the pictures to their home computer and free up the card. And perhaps one of the software's greatest advantages is its ease of use. There are many software packages that need help from a techie to install. However, this kind of software is typically so easy that the most computer illiterate individual can successfully install and operate it.

However, it does have security issues. But these problems can be easily solved by implementing security measures such as creating a lockout policy and hiding the listening port.