To apply the adage in the context of the world’s biggest conspiracies, there is no smoke without fire. But the irony of the information age is that smoke diffuses everywhere, it is almost impossible to trace where the fire starts.

Conspiracy theories work the same way. One person uploads videos that allege the greatest cover ups to be exposed on the internet. The video turns viral reaching every corner of the social network. It reaches traditional media in their desperate attempts to win the ratings game or to spite a politician. And before the buzz dies down, the story becomes part of everyday conversations overhead in pubs, grocery store checkout lines, and the office pantry.

Who are the people behind the world’s biggest conspiracies and how are they given the badge of credibility, if not, popularity? Here is a short list.

Alex Jones on the Boston bombing and the New World Order

Alex JonesCredit: Some rights reserved by The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones is the American radio host of the “The Alex Jones Show” and publisher of the websites and made popular by his YouTube channel that has earned more than 250 million views as of this writing.

Both radio and the internet are his medium to spread the message about the New World Order and its supposed manifestations in recent history. His subject covers the burning issues of the day, one of the most popular started with a Tweet calling the Boston bombing a “false flag” staged by the U.S. Department to promote Homeland Security.[1]

Jones is also the producer of “Loose Change”, a film alleging that 9/11 is an inside job. He thinks that the terror attacks are just a means to create hysteria and chaos to advance the goals of the New World Order. He believes the same about the financial crisis, surveillance, climate change and the police. The goal, for him, was to end humanity, and that any resistance is gagged by the federal police, while dissenters are thrown in secret camps of the Federal Emergency Management Authority.[2]

Simon Cox cracks the Da Vinci Code

Simon Cox is a British author and former editor-in-chief of “Into the DUAT” and US-based “Phenomena” magazines. He is an alternative historian focusing mostly on the occult and secret societies.

Cracking the Da Vinci CodeCredit: Some rights reserved by cdrummbks His first book, “Cracking the Da Vinci Code,” was an international bestseller and has often been dubbed as the quintessential companion to Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”. Cox's book contains proofs and theories to support the various plot points of Dan Brown’s world-renowned contemporary classic.

With the success of “Cracking the Da Vinci Code,” Cox began co-authoring related books spawned by some of the biggest conspiracies in Western history. Some of his works involved the Atlantis, as well as King Arthur and the Holy Grail.

Priory of SionCredit: Some rights reserved by satosphere Later on, Cox published another bestseller, “Dan Brown Companion”, which claims to contain the A-Z facts you need to know about the "Da Vinci Code" and "Angel's and Demons" including revelations about the secret society, Priory of Sion. The book also includes historical backgrounds about the characters as well as illustrations of the symbols that were said to be embedded in the paintings in Dan Brown’s books.

Thomas N. Downing links JFK assassination to anti-Castro exiles

Thomas N. Downing was a lawyer and nine-term Democratic representative of the first congressional district of Virginia. He used to be the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. The Committee he headed was created to investigate on the assassination of John F. Kennedy based on the evidences obtained from the Warren Commission.

KennedysCredit: Some rights reserved by thesmuggler- Night of the SwallowDowning was one of the first to express skepticism about the results of the investigation. He pointed out that it was impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to fire a bolt-action rifle given a short time and that the video footage of the assassination showed that Kennedy was shot from front to rear. His theories led to his speculations that it was anti-Castro exiles who perpetrated the assassination. The Cubans, he believed, got mad at Kennedy’s refusal to support them after the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.

However, the opposite was the more accepted belief. It was the pro-Castro Cubans who got the blame, claiming that the assassination of Kennedy was retaliation for the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro by alleged US agents.[3]

James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

James H. Fetzer is a retired professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His significant contributions to the list of the world's greatest conspiracy theories of all time include alternative accounts of the Kennedy assassination and the death of US Senator Paul Wellstone. But his major research involves the 9/11 attacks which he talks about a lot in his apperarances in radio and TV.

Fetzer published three studies on the death of Kennedy and another on Wellstone. He also founded the organization, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and edited its first book on the September 11 World Trade Center tragedy. Fetzer also publishes as a pundit in Veterans Today and has also contributed to Press TV, the official news agency of the government of Iran.

September 11 attacksCredit: Some rights reserved by 9/11 photosScholars for 9/11 Truth refuses to accept the report of the 9/11 Commission and the National Institute of Standards and Technology regarding the deliberate crashing of hijacked planes into theWorld Trade Center twin towers saying that the crash was not sufficient to collapse the building to the ground.

The group believes that the September 11 attack was orchestrated by the administration of former president George W. Bush. To prove his point, Fetzer sought help from Steven Jones, a physics professor from Brigham Young University. Using his knowledge of applied physics and engineering, he helps the group prove its case and eventually serves as its co-chair.

Events that make tremendous impact on the lives of people around the world are really difficult to explain. The fact that people have the capacity to do covert acts and have chosen to do so for whatever reason stirs the imagination and critical thinking of people who are articulate and determined enough to bring out the truth or blow it out of proportion. These people devote their lives digging deeper into these phenomena while the rest of us become mere spectators of the birth of the biggest conspiracies of all time.