With every new electronics purchase, there are usually hundreds of accessories that are made to accompany it. The Apple iPad is no exception and the race is now in full swing for companies to produce the most versatile, lavish and quality cases for the worlds newest it thing. A company in Europe that has a long history of manufacturing designer cases and bags for electronics is Vaja. Based in Paris, France, Vaja operates retail stores throughout Europe and in South America, Switzerland, the Ukraine, and other parts of the world.

Although you may not feel inclined to travel all that way for a luxury leather case, Vaja maintains a website where visitors can browse and order products. The Vaja iPad leather case comes in a variety of different colors and is made of some of the finest quality leather in the world. The case features a moveable front cover that is detachable. The case also comes equipped with a folding front portion that can be tucked under a flap on the back side of the case. This is great for propping the iPad up for watching movies and other video.

The Vaja iPad leather case also allows access to all ports and controls far easy manipulation of your iPad while it is in the case. Many of the features that come with this brand of accessory are ideal for the iPad's design. Other models that are one piece or made of flimsier materials can't be propped up or do not adequately protect the device. Vaja cases are softly padded on the inside with rugged leather on the outside to protect your iPad from scratches and dings.

Vaja special edition caseVaja makes some of the best luxury cases for iPad on the market which are handcrafted in fine leather materials. Detachable front cover versions of the best Vaja cases retail for about 150 dollars while other versions that have extra leather covered flaps for propping the device up retail for about 220 dollars. Depending on the style and design cases range from 100 to 300 dollars.

Sure it might seem like a lot of money, but the leather comes from Argentina's top cows, is full grain and hasn't been altered in any way, so it's also eco friendly, if you're in this kind of stuff.

That's the price to pay for the best my friends, and once you get over this and actually get the case you'll thank me for letting you know about Vaja cases, the best leather case for iPad and other Apple products.