Many great people are lost to your competitors day in and day out. 65% of employees staying in the same field of work, offer their services to an alternate organization not for more money, but in hopes of better management.
Failure to provide appropriate, accurate, and timely feedback in the workplace is an extreme cruelty and disservice to anyone. Managers that constantly feel like you have the biggest trouble keeping associates motivated, and having them take ownership, not only in their work, but in the companies results, are the ones who give the least amount of feedback.

Things You Will Need

In order to provide proper feedback, it needs to become a top priority on your daily "to-do" list. Each and every day, set a goal for yourself to acheive to keep it top of mind. Recognize 3 people today for a job well done. Set aside 10 minutes to discuss an opportunity with an associate who may be struggling. Voice these recognitions and concerns. Scream them from the mountain top! And most importantly, be GENUNE!
Both recognition and developmental converstions (please look for my step by step method of handling concerns effectively and quickly!) show your team that you're there for THEM. Its the people that drive any organization you look at. The people are the heart of your business. Just as in real life, you need to take care of your heart, and your heart will take care of you.

Step 1

Another important factor that most Managers leave out of their day, is to ASK for feedback! Requesting feedback will not only show your team how important their opinions are to you and the company, but through this, helps instill ownership in decisions that are made, as well as results acheived. Ask them how they feel about a new rule that has been passed down at work. What do they feel that the company could do to help them work more efficiently? How do they think YOU are doing?!
All these things will give you insight into the innerworkings of your organization. Many times, the problems I was most struggling with, were solved simply by asking for feedback.

Providing and requesting feedback can skyrocket the results, trust, motivation and morale in your workplace. Taking the time to show interest in the thoughts of others builds trust, as well as draws attention to minor opportunities, before they become DISASTERS!
Take the time today and show someone at your business you respect their thoughts, appreciate what they do, or give them a suggestion that may make their day easier.
And for anyone reading this not in a managerial position, share this with your team! Get the ball rolling! It's all got to start somewhere!!/1

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