Do you think that your carpet is already dirty but you have no time to clean it? If that is the case, it would be a good idea if you go to establishments which offer carpet cleaning in Atlanta. However, each of these firms are distinct from one another which is why you need to know what type of methods they are using to know which one appeals to you most. The four methods of carpet cleaning in Atlanta and some basic information about them are listed below to help you in making your decision.

1. Bonnet Cleaning. This method combines both thorough cleaning and fast drying in one. The main components of this process are the detergent and the bonnet. To take away the dirt and other substances from the carpet, the detergent is spread on the carpet and then scrubbed with the use of the bonnet. The back portion of the carpet is never missed out which is why you can be sure that your carpet is completely clean after undergoing this process

2. Shampooing. It is one of the most ancient ways of carpet cleaning in Atlanta. Several customers who have tried this method say that is not an effective for some residue is left when shampooing is used to clean their carpet. Shampoo is the main cleaning ingredient used in this method to eliminate dirt from the carpet. A vacuum is used to completely finish the process hence cleaning the carpet.

3. Hot Water Extraction. A method that is highly recommended by many residents of Atlanta is the hot water extraction method. To make sure that the carpet is totally cleaned, hot water and detergent are mixed and are put into the carpet piles in a forceful manner and then later on taken away with the use of a vacuum. This is the most effective of all methods of carpet cleaning. However, it takes about eight hours to get dried up! If you are the type of person who does not like to wait, you might want to consider choosing another method.

4. Dry Absorbent Cleaning. Most customers who choose this method are those who hate being trapped in traffic. This process is totally dry during the entire session which means that no water used in this method. How does it work? A rotary unit is in charge of cleaning the carpet by spreading dry powder and scrubbing the whole carpet until it is cleaned.

All these four methods are the ones that can be found in carpet cleaning services in Atlanta. Your choice will depend upon your needs and preference.