The Various Uses of Outdoor Showers


Those of you, who haven’t tried an outdoor shower before, don’t know what you are missing out on. It could be a completely refreshing experience – so completely relaxing. Of course, you will probably know what it is, if you have visited a beach resort. Most of them have these showers. But have you tried one before? You should, the next time you hit the sand and the surf.


The fact is, indoor plumbing is quite a recent development, if you take into account the long history of human evolution. For thousands of years, we have been taking a bath outside, till only recent times, when this daily ritual went indoors, to the confines of the bathroom. And even today, it is quite common in various cultures to take that shower under the sky, though honestly, it is quite rare in the West and other advanced societies. But there’s no harm in trying what we have been doing for so long? In fact, it could be a fulfilling experience.


Here’s where most people make a mistake. The fact is, most people associate outdoor showers to a beach house. They don’t however; realize that outdoor showers have many other practical uses as well. For instance, they can be used in a pool house or in the garden.


Garden Showers


If you are a hobbyist gardener or someone who takes it seriously, then you should definitely install an outdoor garden shower. The shower will let you clean your tools, and you can also rinse off the mud before you enter the home.  


If you are spending some time in the garden, then you will definitely have to spend a lot of that time cleaning your hands, knees, boots, tools, and perhaps even the wheel barrow. Most people use a garden hose for this, and you are probably one of them. But did you realize that the hose will often create more problems than solve it? The hose doesn’t come with a concrete drain and slab, and so, you might end up throwing more water to the ground than you need. And this will increase your mud problem, and not clean it.


The outdoor shower for a garden on the other hand, is installed on a concrete slab, and the drain will keep everything under control. Just rinse yourself dry before heading indoors, and keep your tools for drying. There’s no mud or dirt problem. Use a hand shower, and you can enjoy the features of a hose too.


Showers for Pool Houses


You are sure to find these outdoor showers most useful if you have a pool at home too. Once you have started to use it, you will see that the entry way to your home or the mudroom will not have any wet foot prints any more. There won’t be any drips as well. If you are not comfortable taking shower outdoors, then just get it covered with an enclosure – this should give you the privacy you need. The enclosure will also allow people to change if you are organizing a garden party. Other types of showers that you may also consider include walk in shower enclosures, yet these are more appropriate for the bathroom rather than the garden.