Skipping meat, eggs, and dairy products doesn't mean that you have to have boring food. In fact, once you start to explore your food options you will find that you can really enjoy your food even more than ever before. Breakfast burritos are very popular and delicious. Usually they are made up of lots of meat, eggs, and cheese and might have a few veggies in there. Now you can have a vegan breakfast burrito that is at least as good as before and maybe even better than before.  

Skip the Meat, Eggs, and Cheese

Most breakfast burritos are based on meat, eggs, and cheese. You can go and get a steak, egg, and cheese burrito or something similar. One vegan breakfast burrito idea is to skip the meat, eggs, and cheese. In this idea you don't try and replace anything, you just skip them. This might lead you to feeling like there is nothing to put in your burrito, but here are some delicious, vegan ideas:

  • Potatoes – There are several different types of potatoes that you can make and put in your burrito. Hashbrowns, American fries, tater tots, and thinly sliced fried potatoes. You should fry them up crispy with just a little bit of oil of your choice and add seasonings to meet your personal tastes.
  • Vegetables – There aren't many vegetables that many people think about using at breakfast time, but you can get creative and enjoy vegetables mixed into your burrito. Some options include onions, sweet bell peppers, spicy peppers, green onions, leaks, spinach, tomatoes, and even zucchini. Shredded zucchini can even be mixed with the potatoes and fried up delicious.
  • Rice – In the East eating rice for breakfast is common place. Here in American and many other Western nations it isn't something that many of us think about. However, you can put rice in your breakfast burrito and top it with lots of yummy veggies for a great breakfast.
  • Other Grains – Other grains that would work well include couscous (which is actually a grain textured pasta) and quinoa. These grains will work really well in a burrito with lots of other savory options.
  • Avocado – No matter what you have put in your burrito, avocados are a great addition. You can make guacamole, avocado salads, or avocado salsa for delicious options.
  • Salsa – You can also use any type of salsa you love including traditional salsas, bean salsas, or corn based salsas.
  • Beans – If you want a little more protein you can add beans to your burrito as well. Black beans and or pinto beans are some of the best options.
  • Mushrooms – You can add all sorts of delicious mushrooms to your breakfast burrito.

Getting creative with your breakfast will allow you to enjoy a lot more foods. You can have a breakfast burrito without any meat, eggs, or cheese and without any of their replacements.  

Tofu Burritos

When tofu is drained and crumbled into pieces and then sautéed it has a similar texture to eggs. Because it doesn't have a lot of flavor you can add any type of flavorings that you want for a great tofu breakfast burrito. To the tofu you can mix in any of the ingredients listed above for a burrito without any egg substitute. The only thing that you need to remember is that the tofu absorbs a lot of the flavors so you need to make sure there is plenty of seasoning for a delicious flavor that will have you craving more.  

Replacement Burritos

In addition to replacing eggs with tofu you can find products to replace everything else as well. You can find fake sausage that crumbles and fake sausage links, fake ham, fake Canadian bacon, and fake bacon strips. You should follow the cooking directions to get them cooked and hot. Then mix them into your meal. You can also find vegan soy cheese and vegan rice cheese. If being vegan is important to you then you should read the back of the alternative cheeses because some contain milk and others contain casien which is derived from milk.  

Consider Your Tortilla

Your tortilla can also make a big difference in the taste of your burrito. There are lots of different options from those that are flavored with things like garlic, herbs, and even cayenne pepper. You can also find them in whole wheat and whole gain. Some places sell southwest flavored ones. Choosing different tortillas can give the same ingredients a whole new flavor. 

Getting Creative

Whether you are a meat eater or a plant eater (terms my five year old uses), getting creative with your food leads to new discoveries and that in turn can help you to enjoy your food more than ever before. When you are first going vegan you have to get creative and get outside of the box that you have cooked in up until that day. Here are some ideas that can help you enjoy your breakfast in different ways.

  • Leftovers – You don't have to save the leftovers for lunch. You can roll up a lot of different foods into your breakfast burrito for great savory tastes. Some options include soup (strain off most of the broth), vegan chili, beans, and leftover vegetables. You can also use rice, quinoa, or couscous you made last night and mix it with new ingredients.
  • Fruit – Fruit and breakfast burritos isn't just your everyday burrito. There are a number of great options that you can use fruit in either a savory or a sweet burrito. Some great options for using fruit in a savory burrito include using mangoes with avocados (avocados are technically fruit) and using peach in salsa. In addition to having savory options you can go with a sweet burrito. Make up a fruit salad and wrap it in a white, corn, or whole wheat burrito and enjoy a sweet treat for breakfast.
  • Boost Your Nutrition – You can boost your nutrition a lot by sprinkling your breakfast burritos with ground flax seeds. They won't add much to the flavor profile and won't be real noticeable, but will add lots of good nutrition to your morning including a lot of great omega-3's.  

Vegan breakfast doesn't have to be boring. It also doesn't have to be so complicated that you skip it. Instead, you should enjoy your food and try new things while you are at it. It's time to enjoy delicious breakfast options, one bite at a time!