Coup Introduction

 There were 4 Venezuelan coups each caused by a different reason. A coup is like a campaign or rebellion in this case it was against the government. The main one was the 1992 coup which Hugo Chavez led to overthrow the president. Some of these coups were peaceful but some were violent attempts which sparked even worse troubles. These famous coups have gone down deep inside the Venezuelan history, and will never be forgotten.

Venezuelan Coup D'Etat 1948

 This campaign started in November of 1948 and was a plan to overthrow the elected president. The president at the time was Romulo Gallegos who had just gotten elected. The campaign consisted of 3 military leaders that had a big hand in the overthrowing of the  president Romulo Gallegos. The main reasons for this campaign were low pay for the army, lack of equipment, and bad conditions. This gave reason to stage a coup.

  The coup led on for about 3 days when the president was finally overthrown. After the overthrowing of the president and parties, military Junta changed to government Junta. This could have turned out worse but luckily it didn't, and everything went smoothly after the coup. Later on in 1952 Perez Jimenez became the president. Soon after the election another coup began in 1958 which was even worse than this coup.

Venezuelan Coup D'Etat 1958

 This was another coup led by the people of Venezuela to overthrow the dictator Perez Jimenez. Perez became a strict dictator soon after he won the election. The people of Venezuela decided that Perez had to go or he would cause more trouble so they started a violent coup. They managed to overthrow Perez, but there was lots of violence and Perez didn't go without a good fight. After the overthrowing Romulo Betancourt got elected as the next president, and he took office in February of 1959.

Venezuelan Coup D'Etat 1992

 Carlos Perez was the president at the time, and during his presidency there was lots of poverty as well as economic issues. Chavez was the leader of this coup recruiting people to spy or fight to take Carlos off his place. Carlos wasn't a bad man he just didn't run the economy well, and he caused lots of distress. Chavez sent out five men to assault the military equipment of Venezuela as well as spy on them. This rebellion lead on for a very long time, and Chavez constantly caused damage to Carlos by destroying material.

 In a few months Chavez had lost a lot of people they either got caught, left, defected or some other reason. Chavez got cut off to all communication with only a handful of people in a historic museum. While in other places Carlos had sent out soldiers to stop the uprising, most of Chavez's men had been hurt or some killed by now. Still some of Chavez's men had taken control of certain areas in Venezuela. By now Chavez was now surrounded by the police, and military forcing him to abandon the rest of the coup. Chavez was then arrested and the coup ended.

Venezuelan Coup D'Etat 2002

 During the 1998 election the people elected Hugo Chavez as president of Venezuela. He was the people's hero at that time, and most people thought of him as a savior. Things sparked up when Chavez passed a 49 law package that included strengthening government control over oil company Petroleos de Venezuela. He also passed lots of other unfair laws like the land reform law in which he had more access to people's personal properties. All these got the opposing parties to start getting the people to hate Chavez.

 During that time a coup was also in planning to get Chavez to resign or overthrown. The coup had actually been planned 9 months ago, but now they got more reasons for their coup. On April 11 2002 Chavez had gotten ousted from office for 48 hours. During the time the temporary president was Pedro Carmona, and he hated Chavez so he did all he could to help the coup. shortly after 2 days another coup led to an uprising that was in favor of Chavez. The uprising had been succesful, and had caused the opposing coup to flee. The opposing coup was unsuccessful, and Chavez was back in office.