Have you ever thought about how your dryer works? People often don’t realize that a normal clothes dryer needs an open airway that brings air into the dryer, and removes moist air from it. All dryers have an exhaust vent that goes to the outside of your house for proper ventilation of the moist air. Without proper maintenance, your dryer will work inefficiently, and could even become a fire hazard. You will reap the benefits of taking the time to understand how your clothes dryer works and help you prevent dryer problems and maybe even a fire.

Many builders don’t think about the dryer vent run and, if you can control the vent run, make sure you understand that the shorter the distance between the dryer and the outside, the better. It creates less of an opportunity for lint and debris to get caught in this space. Trapped lint is one of the most common issues with inefficient clothes dryers. It is a good idea to make a regular practice of pulling the dryer away from the wall, and clearing any lint that you see that can get stuck between the dryer and the wall. A normal household vacuum cleaner usually works great for this type of task. It is a good idea to do this at least once a year. If you are a heavy dryer user or have more than a family of four, doing this type of cleaning is recommended twice a year. When you do, you’ll notice much shorter drying times. As far as daily maintenance, remove lint from the trap after each use of the dryer.

If you think your dryer vent is clogged, you can call a professional to clean it out for you. They will get it cleaned out from one dryer end all the way to the outside. Professionals have a set of tools that allow them to perform dryer vent cleaning quickly to keep you from having down time with your dryer. It is a bad idea to ignore dryer vent problems. It can shorten the life of your dryer by causing the buildup of excess heat. This also wears out the motor in the dryer due to you having to dry the same load multiple times. Another consequence of ignoring the problem is high energy bills. Inefficient appliances use more energy and wear out faster.

The worst consequence of ignoring a clogged dryer vent is the fire hazard that it becomes. Lint and other debris get caught in the vent, and can stay undetected for a long time. Lint and debris are both highly flammable and can easily catch fire, potentially having disastrous consequences for your family and home. Cleaning your dryer vent is one of the easiest ways to keep preventable house fires away from you and your family. Professionals who know what they’re doing can come in and quickly take care of this problem for you. Hire a trusted dryer vent cleaning services company once a year and keep away potentially disastrous situations.