Under Cabinet TV/DVD

If you enjoy watching TV in the kitchen, but want to maintain space on the counter to prepare food, an under cabinet DVD/TV combo is a product to consider buying. Many of them offer the convenience of being able to flip and rotate the screen for easy viewing or to save space, and also the versatility of watching both TV and DVDs for you and your family to enjoy. If you need help cooking your favorite meal, instead of reading it out of a cook book, just pop in one of your favorite cooking DVDs and have the instructions shown to you. No need to run to a different room or browse through pages in a cookbook to find your answers. You could also watch the many cooking shows on television from your favorite celebrity chef to further improve your dishes.

venturer under cabinet dvd/tvCredit: amazon

Venturer KLV39082

The Venturer KLV39082 is an inexpensive 8 inch under cabinet TV/DVD combo that offers you all those options. This company specializes in electronics like Venturer portable DVD players, car entertainment, TVs, Stereos and other common home electronics. They're a smaller company and so to compete with bigger brands they offer cheaper products all while maintaining good quality.

The Benefits

The Venturer KLV39082 also has AM/FM radio that adds to the entertainment value for this product. The remote control is magnetic so just stick it to the fridge for easy retrieval, and the KLV39082 also gives you the ability to time when your food is ready to come out of the oven. Great for those who often get drawn into the story of a Soap Opera, and sometimes forget that they're cooking! Now you won't have to run to the kitchen every so often to check if your food is ready, the clock on the LCD screen is right below the screen. The KLV39082 is easy to use and looks stylish with a polished silver finish.

Ease of Use

Keep the kids in-line by turning on their favorite cartoon while they eat before school. Catch up on the latest news and weather without having to bring your food in the living room. The Venturer KLV39082 is a low-priced quality TV/DVD device that simply adds more options than a free-standing TV can give. You get under cabinet mounting hardware to make the installation process quick and easy. And with it weighing only about 9 pounds, it won't be a two person job.

Background Info

Since Venturer started back in 1988, they've branched out to different regions in order to provide quality home electronics to their customers. They've spread to Europe, they have manufacturing plants in China and they cater to people in Spain, Germany, France and other European countries. Also, if any issues should arise and you need technical support, they have contact options available at their website.