The weight bench is a critical equipment to use for your exercise needs . A gym bench is a very handy equipment for any body builder, powerlifter, or individual who does weight training because it can assist you to develop any part of your body if done properly. Some of the more popular exercises performed on a weight bench are leg lifts, leg lifts with dumbbell, curls and concentration curls, lying tricep presses, bench presses and even standing exercises can be adapted and performed in a bench.

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises performed when using a weight bench. Bench presses strengthens your pectoral, deltoid, and tricep muscles and the underlying support muscles associated with them like the anterior deltoids, the trapezii, serratus anterior, and many others.

A correct method of doing the bench press is to center the weight you are holding above your chest with a grip on the weight that is more that shoulder width  apart. Lower the weight to the level of your chest and inhale when you are  performing this.Push the weight back up and at the same time breath out (exhale). When performing this you must see to it that your feet is firmly planted on the ground and your buttocks always in contact with the weight bench in the duration of the exercise.

Doing leg lifts requires you to lie in the weight bench with your legs hanging on one end of the bench and the rest of your body stretched flat. A dumbbell is placed between your feet and acts as the resistance for your abdomen. Start with both feet on the floor then lift your legs until they are in direct line with your abdomen exhaling as you do so. Lower your feet down to the floor while inhaling at the same time. This exercise focuses on your abdominal muscle development.

Concentration curls are perfect work outs for your biceps.  This works the peak height of the muscle. In order to execute this , first you have to sit on the bench horizontally and grab a 10 to  20 pound dumbbell.  Now to start, bend forward with the dumbbell on the floor.   Place the lower part of your triceps against your thigh by using an underhand grip. Gradually curl the dumbbell toward your head and then lower it back down. Try do four sets of 8 repetitions to start slowly adding more repetitions as you get used to it.

A olympic weight bench is an ideal equipment for the kind of exercise regimen that have been mentioned. Backed by a solid 25 years of creating quality training equipment, products like cap olympic weight bench can do a lot for your workout.