The kitchen or bathroom sink may well be one of the oft-ignored surfaces in a household, one that isn't given any considerable amount of thought until something goes wrong with it. In fact, kitchen sinks deserve some more thought when planning a kitchen or bathroom, two of the most valuable rooms in any home. After all, you will spend a significant amount of time working, eating, and entertaining in your kitchen. And when it comes to your bathroom, you want a surface that looks great, as well as one which is easy to clean.

Considering Porcelain Sinks
Porcelain is one of the materials that is commonly used to make bathroom or kitchen sinks. It is set apart from other materials primarily because of its appearance which really differs from the commonly used stainless steel. It also provides positive contrast with your choice in kitchen counters or bathroom countertops and vanities.

porcelain kitchen sinkPorcelain sinks are made by coating a kitchen sink made of cast iron or some other metal with porcelain. This can be buffed to a high shine, and looks particularly good in kitchens that have a vintage look. Modern porcelain sinks, however, now come in a wide array of colors to fit any kitchen or bathroom counter. It is a great addition to your kitchen due to the fact that it is one of the most durable options available. Several sink types are available for installation in your kitchen, and all you need to do is find one that is compatible to your needs, which often goes along with a sink which will complement your choice in countertops.

Advantages and Disadvantages
No material is perfect, and there are bound to be disadvantages to choosing one material over the other. It's a good idea to identify your needs in order to find the best material to use for your kitchen sink, particularly one that goes well with your countertop as well.

kitchen sink porcelainPorcelain is great for your kitchen sink and other kitchen applications such as your countertop. As mentioned earlier, it can be buffed to a high shine, thus giving your kitchen that "new" look every time. It also comes in array of colors that would better match your kitchen better than the often-used stainless steel. They are very durable and truly give you value for your money.

Several steps can be done to keep it clean without taking too much of one's time. Another thing with porcelain is that it does not retain heat well, therefore there is the need to replenish the hot water when doing the dishes because they will go cold if left for long. Porcelain, being very smooth and shiny, is a very slippery surface. Porcelain sink owners are not strangers to accidents that come from losing grip on tumblers and plates. One way to prevent this is to install a sink mat.