Collectable Walking Dead Busts and Mini Busts

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As a collector of The Walking Dead merchandise I own quite a lot of the action figures and have recently started collecting Walking Dead busts, mini busts and bust banks.

As a fan of both the comic series and the tv series of TWD I love everything and anything to do with either series. I do have a slight preference for the comic series but I think the producers have done a great job of adapting it to tv.

One of the things I like the most is that the two series are so different. You can easily read the comic series without spoiling the plot of the tv series so if you haven't read the comics yet because they are further ahead than the show then you don't have to worry. They are completely different! But in a good way, it's like having two of your favorite series where they take different paths.

All that aside, here are some of the best Walking Dead busts available right now. If you love the series then these zombie busts will look great in your collection! 

Many of the early busts are now becoming hard to find so if you want to get them you should as soon as possible, otherwise you will be paying way more than you will need to later on! There are also some new busts of Rick and other walkers that will be available later this year.

Sherriff Rick Grimes Mini-Bust

Gentle Giant Studios The Walking Dead

Gentle Giant Studios The Walking Dead (TV Series): Sherriff Rick Grimes Mini-Bust
Amazon Price: $99.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 18, 2013)
This Rick Grimes mini bust is a real collectors item and is uniquely numbered. It's limited edition and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This bust in done in the likeness of Andrew Lincoln and as you can see from the image is extremely well done.

This is a must have for any collector and is an early bust of Rick as he is still wearing his Sheriff's outfit which he abandons later, I think as he abandons his hope of the re establishment of civilization and his former job.

The Walking Dead: Black and White Zombie Bust

Diamond Select Toys TWD Zombie Bust Bank

Diamond Select Toys The Walking Dead: Black and White Zombie Bust Bank
Amazon Price: $22.99 $11.49 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 18, 2013)
This bust bank is part of the comic book series of busts in black and white and is one of my favorite of the full sized busts at 8 inches high.


The Walking Dead Mini Busts

The mini busts of The Walking Dead are some of the best I have seen so far and are a mixture of comic busts and some from the tv series which will be released around August 2013.

At the moment you can get the tank zombie from when Rick was trapped by a herd in the tank in Atlanta. TWD zombie bicycle girl bust is hard to find and usually unavailable and in August the mini bust of Rick Grimes and the well zombie bust.

Well Walker Mini-Bust

Gentle Giant Studios The Walking Dead Mini Busts

Gentle Giant Studios The Walking Dead (TV Series): Well Walker Mini-Bust
Amazon Price: $88.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 18, 2013)
The well walker zombie was one of the grossest and also one of the most popular zombies in season 2. They found him in one of the wells at Hershels farm and sent poor Glenn in to try pull him out!

Tank Zombie Mini Bust

NECA The Walking Dead "Tank Zombie" Bust 1
Amazon Price: $49.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 18, 2013)
This mini bust is a collectable at an affordable price, it's not limited edition but it is well made and is made by the same people who do the walker makeup on the show so it looks great.

I don't remember the tank zombie looking like this but still a great piece for my shelf.

CS Moore Studio - The Walking Dead Busts

CS Moore Studios also released a range of Walking Dead busts and statues that are limited edition and many of them are sold out although you can still get them from sellers on Amazon, some of the busts like walkers Nate and Vince are available. Im not sure how many were released but I think around 3000 of each.

Walker Andrew was released later on for the Emerald City Comic con. Also produced were Ick, a statue of Rick Grimes fighting a walker and a half zombie statue. They are all sold out on CS Moore Studios official website.

Nate Walking Dead Statue Bust

CS Moore Studios Limited Edition Walking Dead Bust

Walking Dead Nate Torso Statuette
Amazon Price: $44.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 18, 2013)
Nate is a limited edition half statuette Walking Dead zombie bust. There are still some available to buy from Amazon but is officially sold out. There were around 3000 of these statues produced and are sculpted by CS Moore Design studios.
A popular collectors item and Walking Dead collectable that is fully painted and 1/9 scale at 4 and a half inches in height.

Nate is also one of the first "walkers" produced for the comic series by creator Robert Kirkman

Walking Dead Andrew Bust

Limited Edition Bust

CS Moore Studio - The Walking Dead Bust 1/9 Andrew 11 cm
Amazon Price: $68.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 18, 2013)
Andrew is the third release in the series from CS Moore Studios line of Walking Dead busts and statues and was specially released for the Emerald City Comic Con.

This limited edition bust is collectable and can be hard to obtain.

Other Walking Dead Merchandise

If you want to start collecting Walking Dead merchandise there is loads more you can buy that are great collectables. I personally like the hardback editions of the comics, the action figures and if you are into Walking Dead clothes there are a few pretty decent t-shirts and hoodies available. At some stage it will be so popular I wouldn't be surprised to see Walking Dead messenger bags and I'm pretty sure there are already iphone covers available.

If you are new to the series then you should check out the tv series (you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix) or better yet the comics. The tv series is currently on the second part of season 3 which started in February 2013 and the comics are already well past that.

You can easily read one and watch the other. There are significant differences in the two, some characters like the Dixon brothers are only in one of the series and some characters are killed off early in one series but still alive and well in the other. The two stories are both brilliant, even if, like me you don't usually read comics or graphic novels, The Walking Dead is sure to keep you reading and the tv series is truly addictive!

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