Differences & Similarities: S01E02-04 & #003-004

[note: S01E01 = season 1, episode 1] [#001 = comic issue #1]

Part 1: Days Gone By

The main differences between the two versions at this point in the story lie with the characters of the camp. The comic’s camp is much smaller and has Alan and Donna’s family, which you won’t see until season 3 of the TV show. The TV show has more “red-shirt” characters that (probably) won’t last long. It also has several exclusive characters such as Merle, Daryl, T-Dog, Morales and his family, Jacqui, and Ed Peletier.

In the previous article, I mentioned that Glenn was on a scavenging mission. In the comic, he goes by himself like always. In the TV show he is taking a group out for the first time. At this point in the show, Rick drops his bag of guns from the sheriff station in the street and takes cover in an abandoned tank. After Rick alerts a massive group of brain-munchers, Glenn steps in and saves him. Glenn takes Rick to the rest of his group of Morales, T-Dog, Andrea, Jacqui, and Merle who are now taking shelter in a store. Merle and T-Dog get into a fist fight. After this, Merle appoints himself the new group leader, which doesn’t sit well with “Sheriff Friendly from up the road-a-ways”. Rick hits Merle with the butt of his rifle and handcuffs him to a pipe on top of the roof.

In order to get past the zombies they are going to need a plan. What better than to cover yourself with rotten entrails? The scent masks Glenn and Rick from the walkers and they commandeer a van and a car. This same plan is carried out in the comics during a supply run to a gun store. During the escape, T-Dog accidentally drops the handcuff key down a sewage drain. This forces the group to either leave Merle behind or die.

In both the comic and show, Rick is reunited with his family upon returning from Atlanta. This is where , in the show, Daryl returns from his hunting trip. Once he learns his brother had been left behind, he and Rick lead a small group to rescue him and retrieve the lost bag of guns. When they get back to the roof they find Merle. Well at least part of him. His hand to be exact. He had used Dale’s hacksaw to free himself and make a run for it. They follow his tracks for a while, but he is gone. They then make for the bag of guns, and more importantly, Rick’s hat. But, they aren’t the only ones in need of guns. The group stumbles across a Mexican gang, the Vatos, who take Glenn, but not before Daryl takes one of their own…

Dale Horvath
Dixon Brothers
Morales Family
Ed Peletier
Carol Peletier
Sophia Peletier
Alan & Donna
Ben & Billy