Differences & Similarities: S01E05-06 & #005-006

[note: S01E01 = season 1, episode 1] [#001 = comic issue #1]

Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl have gone into Atlanta for two reasons: a bag of guns and to rescue Merle Dixon.

The bag of guns mentioned In part two has Rick's radio, which he needs to use to contact Morgan and his son. The Dixon brothers aren't in the comics, so Rick and Glenn go on a supply run to a gun store. During this mission, Rick gets bit by a walker. Luckily for him, he has his thick jacket on, which stops the bite. When they get back, The survivors use the new guns during a target practice. This doesn't happen in the show until season 2.

This next part is where the TV show deviates quite a bit from the comics. Rick's group has a run-in with the Vatos gang. During this short scuffle, Glenn is captured and Daryl captures one of theirs, Miguel. They interrogate Miguel, cleverly using Merle's severed hand as a terror tactic. He tells them where they can find the group's leader: Guillermo. Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog load up their guns and head over to the Vatos base. Then they realize that this supposedly bad-ass gang is actually hold up in a nursing home, taking care of sick people. Glenn is unharmed and Rick gives Guillermo a stern talking to. Being the nice guy he is, he gives them a few of the guns. As they leave town, they see that their van is gone, supposedly taken by Merle.

All is not well back in the camp. Shane and Lori had started a relationship after Rick's “death”. Ed Peletier, a TV exclusive character, is beating on his wife and not for the first time. Shane sees this and combined with his grief over his failed relationship with Lori, goes into a rage and kicks the living hell out of Ed.

On their way back to camp, they hear gun shots. The camp is under attack by a group of walkers. This part is similar between both versions. The only main difference being that in the show the random, unnamed people conveniently get eaten. Ed gets eaten, resting in his tent from his wounds. Amy dies in both versions as well as Jim getting bitten.

Yet another difference between the two is the aftermath of the battle. For one, the TV show is in the middle of summer. The comics, however, are in the middle of winter. Also in the comic is Shane's deteriorating mental state. He is hell-bent on keeping the group near Atlanta “for when help comes”. Rick and the rest of the survivors want to get as far away from the city as possible. Shane also isn't completely over Lori. He then proceeds to draw his shotgun on Rick, which prompts Carl to shoot him through the neck. In the TV show, Shane says that they make for Fort Bennett, a local National Guard base. Wise move, Shane.

In the show, Rick says that should try to get to the CDC in Atlanta to try to find a cure for Jim. After they burn the dead, Morales and his family decide to go their separate way. They remaining survivors head back to Atlanta, except Jim who asks to be left on the side of the road. When they get to the CDC, they are taken in by the last remaining worker: Dr. Edwin Jenner. Jenner had stayed behind to honor his deceased wife by finding a cure. He fails in his experiments shortly before Rick arrives. As the generators run out of fuel, the building goes into lock-down, sealing its residents inside. This wouldn't be so bad if that didn't also involve the building exploding, cleaning it of all contaminants. Edwin says that this will give them a “quick and painless death”. Rick does manage to talk him out of it, letting them escape. Jacqui and Andrea opt to stay ending their troubles. Dale says to Andrea “if your staying, I'm staying too”, forcing her to leave with him or have his blood on her hands. The careful viewer may notice he didn't mention Jacqui in his speech. After the CDC explodes the group moves out on the road.

Edwin Jenner