The Walking Dead full episodes can now be found on DVD, and for anyone that is a fan or knows someone that is, this could make the perfect gift for any occasion.

It became one of the most popular Television series in 2010 and then went on for another season in 2011.  The zombie idea has been shown many times in various movies and made for TV movies, but somehow this series managed to pull it off quite well with its lineup of great characters.  It was produced by Frank Darabont and Gale Hurd it is based on the novel written by Robert Kirkman.

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The Walking Dead: Season One The story is based in Atlanta and after a viral infection breakout, the dead rise up and try to consume the living to keep on going leaving a world of destruction and decay behind them.  But what makes this movie more interesting than the typical zombie type movie is the directing and the time spent on building up the characters, you actually get to know them as they try to band together for survival and search for any other survivors in hiding as well as their own families.

It starts out with a Deputy’s sheriff that was in the hospital in a coma after a gun shot wound.  He wakes on his own to find himself in a badly damaged hospital and zombies outside. He has no ideas what is going on and he can’t find his wife and son and manages to dodge zombies while on his trek to find his family.

He meets up with other survivors, and much time is spent on developing the characters in this series.  Of course there is the usual blood and gore that accompany a zombie movie, but this one has interesting characters to follow throughout the series and leaves you wanting to watch more after each episode.

As the band of survivors’ moves around looking for safe havens, situations begin to develop amongst the band and without giving away the story lines there are many twists and turns in this series.

If you didn’t manage to watch this series, then getting the full episodes for Season 1 and Season 2 would get you caught up and you can pick which ones you missed or watch it all over again on the DVD.

From the director of Shawshank Redemption and the producer of Terminator and Aliens, you know you will have on the edge of your seat viewing.

The problem with a television series, is that once you miss an episode or two, it can be hard to get caught up, so now is your chance to do that by getting the full episodes season 1 or season 2. 

You can get the episodes at many video stores that sell DVDs or you can go shopping online to find many TV series that you may have missed or would like to watch again on sites such as Amazon. 

TV series on DVDs make great gift ideas.  You can go back and watch them over and over.

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