A "Walker" on the hit series The Walking Dead
Credit: AMC TV


In the past, horror stories have been saved for films and were typically only viewed during the Halloween season. That has changed over the last few years with the rise of television shows revolving around vampires and werewolves. Zombie love sprang in the year 2011 when more and more people became fascinated with zombies. Zombies are the walking dead; they stumble around with half eaten limbs and other missing body parts searching for their next victim. Once their victim (a human) is bitten, or in some cases, devoured, that human will soon become a zombie. The cycle continues until zombies end up taking over the world.

The Walking Dead television series first aired on AMC in early 2011. The show was such a hit that by the end of the first season, fans were begging for more. The story line begins with a group of people including a sheriff (Andrew Lincoln), an attorney (Laurie Holden), a hunter (Norman Reedus), a retiree (Jeffrey Demunn), a pizza delivery guy (Steven Yeun), and a couple of kids, amongst others  all searching for refuge from the “walkers” (zombies). Each episode is a new drama filled obstacle that is sure to involve at least one walker (usually 100s). This group has gone to extremes to elude these zombies, including covering themselves in zombie guts and blood so that the other walkers wouldn’t pick up their scent. One cast member even had to kill her own sister after she had been bitten by a walker, otherwise her sister would have turned into a walker, herself.

The Walking Dead TV show is full of adventure, blood, guts, shootings, bludgeoning, and lots of death. This show is definitely not for those with weak stomachs or anyone that gets scared easily. Horror movie fans are sure to enjoy this new zombie show. The second season of The Walking Dead has just begun, however they have already been approved for a third season after winning various awards including an Emmy for their makeup effects, and a Golden Reel award. How long can this zombie show last? It really depends on what scenarios the writers can come up with and how many zombies the cast can escape. Will the walkers take over the world? Only time will tell, but they are sure to have a lot of people watching to find out what happens next. Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?


Trailer for Season 2 of The Walking Dead