the walking dead(111975)

The hit television show The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 14th, 2012 for it's third season. After losing their safe house at the farm in season two, the gang is in a desperate need of a new safe place to call their home. This time, the survivors go to prison.

An abandoned prison, well unless you count the hundreds walkers that infest it.

While Rick and the main group of survivors try to clear the prison, Andrea and her new katana wielding friend Michonne attempt to survive on their own in the wild filled with dangerous zombies and even more dangerous men. Whatever will two lovely girls do? Oh, right, cut off their heads.



This season thankfully introduces more 'canon characters' or characters that were in the comics as opposed to all these random filler characters that everyone seems to love like T-Dog and Daryl.

No, of course I'm not one of those bitter comic fans. Never. The comic story was perfect, it needed less Tyreese going on a zombie killing spree and Carl shooting Shane. Oh yeah, and less eventually insane twin children. WHERE ARE MY INSANE TWINS!? IT IS MAKING ME INSANE!

Rant aside, this season introduces one of the main human villains aside from zombies, The Governor. As the trailer shows, Andrea and Michonne get picked up by the Governors' men and find that he has created a utopia right in the middle of hell. A suburb with running water, electricity, and generally happy citizens.

In the Walking Dead universe, there can never be such a happy place without a secret hidden under it's happy facade. What is the secret? Well as a comic fan, I could tell you. However, comic storylines hardly mean anything in this show, so really I probably can't. All I can infer from the trailer is that while Michonne and Andrea are being all cozy at the Governors' town, the Governor is out threatening Rick's gang for rights to the prison. Thus creating a little bit of tension and you know a big showdown at the end.

The trailer advertises that you should fear the living, and it is right. As The Walking Dead goes on, you can notice a subtle shift about the series where the living that have grown used to living without rules  start to become a major threat. The zombies are still a threat, of course, but their more like nosy flies that show up at inconvenient times.

they think their badasses

This season has the potential to really "go there", but will it for it's viewers sake? Or will it hold back the gruesome twist that comic fans know happens at the end of the prison arc? I bet it will, it's a bit too graphic for television.

An interview with the cast says that there promises to be many messy zombie kills this season and the return of Meryl, Daryls' long lost brother. Hopefully Meryl can do me a solid and bring about the end of T-Dog and then take Daryl to some far away land of not on this television show. Then again, maybe they'll magically bring Dale back to life so that he can meet his proper end to cannibals.

Regardless, be prepared to feel my barely contained rage on October 14th because that's when The Walking Dead season 3 is coming at you.