The Walking Dead Season 3


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Season 3

Midseason Recap

This past season, Rick’s group stumbled across the prison, cleared it out, and fortified it. They have had losses on their side and with the newly discovered prison survivors. Season 3 also introduced the first major antagonist to the series: The Governor of Woodbury. The governor and his men found Merle and took him in. Merle finds Andrea and Michonne out in the woods. They are then taken to Woodbury. Andrea sides with her newfound friends, while Michonne escapes. When Merle goes after her, he finds Glen and Maggie and takes them to the Governor when they say that Daryl, his brother, is alive but not where. Michonne goes to the Prison and forms a rescue party for their kidnapped people. Perhaps the biggest surprise of this season is the introduction of a fan-favorite from the comics: Tyreese and others such as Alan, Donna, and a much older and without a twin, Ben. He and his group get saved by Carl, who is actually a productive member of the group. “Carl! Stay in the house!”

Part 2 Trailer

The Walking Dead: Season 3

Sneak Peek

The Walking Dead returns on February 10th with season 3 episode 9: The Suicide King. For those of you like me who can't wait, here a few sneak peeks to hold you over. The first video takes place in Woodbury right where episode 8 left off. Daryl, labeled a terrorist, is captured and Merle is of his title and trusty zombie slaying wrist bayonet. Both are at the mercy of the riled up crowd and the Governor. Can Andrea save them? Or will they meet their end in the arena? (Unlikely. Daryl running through the woods in the trailer.)

The next video takes place back at the prison. Rick and the others are away, leaving the remaining survivors vulnerable. Alan and Ben hatch a plan to over through the prison and take it for themselves. 

Episode 309 Sneak Peek 1

Episode 309 Sneak Peek 2