A wall hung toilet is now being used by an increasing number of people in their bathrooms. A bathroom is not just a place where you take a bath, it is also a place where you can loosen up and relax. That is the reason why it should look relaxing, clean and stylish which can be achieved by adding this kind of toilet. This is commonly used in bathrooms that do not have enough space. It is very different from the standard toilet but not in terms of functionality.

As its name implies, this type of toiled is firmly affixed to the wall. The water tank, drain pipe and other components excluding the bowl are hidden behind the wall. With the use of a wall hung toilet frame which is usually made of steel, the toilet is securely attached to the wall. The support system makes it possible to bear the weight of the entire unit as well as the user. Given this, the wall should be thick and strong enough to handle this kind of toilet.

Since the water tank is hidden, the unit can free up some space for about several inches which is big enough for a small sized bathroom. A bathroom would be more pleasant and clean to look at compared to using the usual floor mounted ones. It also makes cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floor a lot easier because the unit doesn't have to touch the floor. It is known to be easier to maintain however, making necessary repairs when needed will be more difficult since most of the components are hidden behind the wall.

Another feature of the wall hung toilet that makes it different among the rest in a good way is that it's adjustable. Floor mounted toilets usually have the same height regardless of the weight and height of the person using it. With the wall hung unit, you will be able to set it at any height desired. This gives more convenience especially for households that have children and elderly people. This toilet is also available with dual flush technology. This kind of technology uses larger trap ways to dispose waste easily using less amount of water. In this way you can water and money in the long run.

This kind of toilet might require some safety precautions during installation. Making sure that the wall in strong enough would be very important since it's the where the entire support system will be placed. It is advisable to get professional people to do the installation so you won't have to take the risk of damaging your bathroom or the toilet itself.

Kohler and Geberit are just two of the most known manufacturers of wall hung units. A Kohler wall hung toilet as well as a Geberit wall hung toilet are each considered high quality and stylish products – more so than their competitors. They may differ in designs, materials and prices but they are both dedicated to provide comfort and satisfaction for their customers.

These toilets can be bought in any home improvement centers or even online. You will be provided with so many choices to compare and review. It is good to have a wall hung toilet at home to add more style and because of its features and benefits. However, you must not look at only one side of the situation. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages in using this kind of toilet. Considering the features, benefits and drawbacks would be fairer before making the appropriate decision.