The rivalry between free of charge email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail has been heating up. They are already at probability as far as search engines are interested, nevertheless, in the game of free web email service providers; it is Yahoo! that has the upper hand. As of 2009, Yahoo! Mail has over 280 million users around the world, completely in the lead of its rivals, MSN and Google. Thanks to MSN's Instant Messenger and MSN website, Hotmail fares a close sec¬ond and as a final point there's Google's Gmail.
Though Yahoo Mail enjoys appreciable success with users, Gmail recently reported the maximum amount of new users for this year, a whopping 46% increase compared to Yahoo's 22% and Hotmail's 3%. This means that Gmail is now fast on Yahoo's tracks to becoming the next big free email service provider on the web, even though it has a long way to go.
When Gmail first came on top of the email scene in 2004, it offered only oen Giga Byte of email storage - which was useless of at the time. Over time, Hotmail has matched Gmail's total space capacity while Yahoo! proclaims that it is providing an limitless web storage capacity for emails.
Yahoo has shown consistent focus and notice on its email services even though the company recently announced a coalition with Microsoft as far as their search engines are concerned.
Google, the parent company of Gmail, is unnerved in its approach. It strongly relies on the tech savvy crowed who follow Google and all its services devotedly. The Gmail service is much slickness and cleaner and it is very easy to utilize. With so much offer, it's not amazing that Gmail is slowly becoming more popular with the masses.
After defeat Gmail with unlimited storage, Yahoo has recently revamped the look of its inbox to match that of Gmails. It comes with an incorporated chat software option; so that you don't have to download it separately, and the Yahoo network of instant messaging is blended with Hotmail's so that you can have the best of both your MSN and Yahoo contacts online wherever you go.
So what does all of this mean for the end users? It means that whatever happens in these scuffles between the software giants, in the end it is the consumer that will benefit from the best services these email providers will offer.