Sekrett Scilensce is a composer and producer of classical and electronic Eurasian crossover music. His primary instruments are piano and synthesizers. As strange as this may sound, Sekrett Scielensce's music is slowly taking the world by storm. So what makes this band so special?

As many of us know, hip-hop is a very stagnant genre. It is often over-produced, contains mediocre lyrical themes, and simply follows the same format in every song we hear on the radio. Perhaps this is my bias showing, as on the whole, I find hip-hop to be very uninteresting. In fact, the only artist I currently enjoy from hip-hop and rap stylings is Jedi Mind Tricks; primarily because their lyrical themes are much more deep and complex than your average radio friendly hip-hop band.

With my disinterest in this style of music put down, I always listen to new music with an open mind. My own musical project even occasionally draws on the sounds and song structures of many modern hip-hop groups, as I occasionally utilize some nice synthetic beats and synthesizers myself. Sekrett Scilensce is an interesting artist, and his latest single titled “The Wasteland” is nothing short of spectacular; which says a lot coming from my mouth.

So, what is it that has really intrigued me about this new, up-and-coming artist to the extent that I feel compelled to write about him? Let me elaborate.


When it comes to music, it is inevitable that sound is one of the most important components. The sound quality of Sekrett Scilensce’s song “The Wasteland” is fantastic. It actually feels like a throwback to many classic 70s – 80s hip-hop songs, however with enough new feeling components that it can really be relevant in our current day.

The music implements a lot in the way of synthesizers, and the staple hip-hop beats. What captured my ears was the fluidity and intriguing rhythmic and melodic qualities Sekrett Scilensce’s vocals work with the music. In the verses, his voice works with a very fresh rhythm; following the beats very nicely. The chorus was very captivating as well. At that point, the Soul, R&B, and even a tinge of Gospel artist came out and shone very brightly.


To say the least, this song will definitely sit well on the radio (as it currently does on a few stations across the United States). It is very pop and radio friendly, but also experiments in ways that makes it very fresh for something that is…radio friendly. It’s just fantastic, really. 


The lyrics are hands-down some of the best I have heard in this style of music. They are very political in theme, but never feel overbearing on the listener. To reference Sekrett Scilensce’s artist packet and allow him to use his own words: On the verge of collapse, the societies of our planet scramble, seeking refuge from the fear and uncertainty that has become reality; through this panic, one song brings resolution, teaching survival and perseverance to a generation, 'lost in the storm.'


The sensation I received while listening to “The Wasteland” was nothing short of this. Strangely enough to my musical senses, the song had a prevailing atmosphere of hope rather than despair; which is contrary to much of the music I listen too (I am an avid fan of the depressive-suicidal genre of black metal myself). It is very interesting to follow such a unique concept. So many artists in recent memories only appear to be interested in money, and will put out mediocre music with watered down lyrics as a result. While the lyrics present in this song are easy to get into and to understand, I do not feel that they were stripped of their intent and meaning. The artist’s maintains his credibility by being able to speak his mind in this wonderful song. I highly support that, even if the idealism of the song is not in line with my own worldview. It is great to see underground musicians like Secret Silence making his way into the mainstream (slowly but surely) with his artistic merit and underground credibility still intact.



What more can I really say? I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of music, though it is in a style I typically do not enjoy. His music is in a familiar genre, though he works in it in different ways then most people are accustomed too. I also really love the light ethic vibe that is present in his voice and in his arrangements. They are subtle, but are undoubtedly noticeable and a beautiful addition to the music.

The music itself is filled with an array of colors. The synthesizer plays a vital part in this music, which is fantastic to see popping up in songs like these. Additionally, some light guitar and even a trumpet work their way into the mix; which just adds to the depth and personality of the song. As already discussed, the vocals are also spot on. They may take a little bit of time to adjust too, but I personally find them to be really fantastic and suiting the style very well.

If you are interesting in checking out Sekrett Scilence’s music, feel free to check out “The Wasteland” for free at this page.

If you are interested in checking out his press release for his song “The Wasteland”, you may check out this link as well.