The Scammers Call Him a Scam

They call him a pseudoscientist, the Great Science Scam.  They accuse him of conveniently selecting evidence that will support his theory. The accused is Dr. Masaru Emoto.  He says that water has memory and understanding and it reacts to the vibrations we exert upon it.

Dr. Emoto has a 1992 certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine.  That might not be good enough to claim to be an authority in water. After graduating from International Relations in Yokohama, he stumbled into the concept of micro cluster water and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology.  It was working with magnetic fields and water micro clusters that he noted the crystalline forms assumed by frozen water. He concluded that water has memory because it reflects both physical but spiritual surroundings.

Dr. Emoto claims that the vibrational energy projected by humans in the form of thoughts, words, ideas, intentions, and sounds has the power to alter water's molecular structure.

Could be far-fetched, but he is certainly not the first in promoting water as the ultimate healing agent. “Water cure proposes a harmonious universal vision.”

Hydropathy, or water treatment, a method of treating disease by copious and frequent use of water both externally and internally, offers autonomy and individualization by becoming part of a whole...

Sea Water has its own Reported Benefits
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Becoming One with Water

Water is a soothing, relaxing, stimulating agent. Its hygienic properties are unquestionable.  Water washes away impurities, removes obstruction, dissolves and normalizes bodily functions.

The reason why our bodies produce histamines is to conserve water.  Anti-histamines control the histamines, but do not address the dehydration issue that triggered the production of histamines, therefore causing allergies.  Again, allergies are mainly caused by histamines, produced by the body as a defense mechanism to conserve water.

In 1814 James Currie reported in detail his findings about using water effusions as a treatment in fever and other diseases. He wrote about it in laymen terms with the intention of his procedures to be replicated in the militia and in African ships.  He used fresh water, water mixed with vinegar and saturated seawater solutions to ail not only fever, but small pox.  “For the 30th Regiment, I used the water of the river, which contains 33rd part of salt.  Persons immersed in seawater, for some time together, preserve the luster of the eye and the ruddiness of the cheek, longer than those in fresh water.”

He related how he healed a 24 year old man, with 107 degree fever and 119 pulse, of small pox by having him drink water and lemonade.

On March 17, 1842, the Hydropathic Society of London was formed to inquire about the proceedings of Vincent Priessnetz and on Hydropathy in general.  This organization claimed water as a very extraordinary and effective in many cases.  “Is so vasty superior, scientific and ingenious when compared with was what known before”.

Water is Nature's Strategy

Wholistic Wellness
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There is Absolutely Nothing Better Than Water

There is no way to better rephrase their description of what we call today traditional medicine:

The allopathic practice of medicine is a curse to the people, that its general tendency is to undermine the constitution, shorten life and multiply the forms of disease, is a truth with which any intelligent, unprejudicial observer may soon become satisfied.  The practitioners have no settled principles upon which to base an intelligent practice; one clings to a certain, and another to another, neither of them having the pleasing consciousness that they are right, and the result of their practice teaches that both are powerless in the removal of disease. 

Being almost entirely ignorant of the power of those sale and efficacious remedies which assists the efforts of nature, they look to poisons and destructive means for an antidote, which too often prove a bane to their patients; and thus they violate the laws of the animal economy, cut themselves adrift from every true principle by which to direct their practice, throw themselves upon the quicksands of quacking, and into the degraded labyrinths of specific medicines, each having a peculiar action, they not what, and at last perhaps a cure effected, they not know how. (Hydropathic Society of London, “The Water Cure Journal”, Vol II, Num. 12, November 1846).

It goes on to accuse medicine as “given to aid the cure but served to assist disease to perform its deadly work".

Hainz Kohler, author of  “Caution: Snake Oil! How Statistical Thinking Can Help Us Expose Misinformation About Our Health”, says something never change: “When your doctor prescribes a drug to relieve your anxiety, calm your stomach, control your pain... the last thing you want to worry about is heart trouble... Over one hundred commonly used drugs carry that risk... that can cause a heart to beat out of control... or in some cases stop altogether.” (2010)

Anyone willing to know what real pseudoscience is all about needs this kind of reading.

“What cleanses our corporal frames

From foul disease and deadening pains

And pours new life into our veins? 

...Water, The Great Source of Health

Water is not exclusive to the 19th century.  Circa 640BCE, Thales of Miletus taught that “all things are water" or “water is the source of all things".  Hydropathy is mentioned in Ayurveda since 1500BCE.  Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans included water as part of both their therapies and religious ceremonies.

Why this bashing on Dr. Emoto if water has claimed as an effective healer and health promoter for centuries and generations?  Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water, might not agree with Dr. Emoto in water having memory, but meets him halfway: “You are not sick, you are thirsty... Do not treat thirst with medication".

Dr. B, or Dr. Batman, goes further promoting water as aiding against asthma in children, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and many other illness. Of course, some also accuse him as a quack and a fraud.  An oxygenated body makes no logic to some, but a pill that causes adverse reactions and promises secondary effects does.

The reason why they attack practitioners and promoters of natural remedies is because this is no multi-trillion dollar business. Coconut water, herbal remedies, meditation and many others, are cheap, effective remedies, that cut the middle man and lead directly to the healing source, which is nature.  There is no point on fancy publicity campaigns or paying kickbacks for recent studies to promote what is readily available.  Just like it happens with hydrogen peroxide, produced abundantly in the healing rain that pours over us. Water is abundant for a reason, so we can have immediate available healing while regaining balance.

Yet we make an appointment with the doctor, wait in an office to be expedited to the drug store and go back home with a pill that is guaranteed to have adverse effects in the organism, as their own clinical studies report.  Ever notice how pharmaceutical TV ads devote almost half of the commercial to include their contraindications?  Cramming the fine line in a faster pitch.  They have to rush that information in because there is still some logic in government regulations. Some recent studies are real fairy tales.

Even if its Incredible, is Soothing to Watch

Debunking the Debunkers

In 2004, Stephen Barrett, maintainer of, a site dedicated to “promote intelligent decisions" was found guilty of writing fraudulent reports to discredit and cause damage and harm. “The California Supreme Court found that Barrett and Sampson were using the court system to operate a self-enrichment scam” through frivolous lawsuits against alternative health practitioners.

Another fearless critic of water therapy is Stephen Lower, B.A. Biochemistry. He refers to water treatment as a pseudoscience in his website.  Lower says he writes “to debunk these myths because he doesn’t want people to be defrauded.” He owns more than seven websites, most devoted to attack alternative remedies. That is the overkill of philantropy.  Too bad he does not have one single website to debunk, say, pharmaceuticals.

In 2013, the Sunshine Act will require all drug and medical companies to publicize their payments or knick-knacks in a database.  All that receive money or free trips or special accommodations in exchange for furthering their pharmaceutical agenda, have to be reported by law.

“It were better perhaps that medicine, like other branches of natural knowledge, were brought from its hiding place, and exhibited in the simplicity of science and the nakedness of truth”. (James Currie, 1797).

Now go drink some water.  Start your day with a tall glass of water.  Have it right before bedtime and always.

Dr. Masaru Emoto Delivers a Message from Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto
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