The Waterfalls of Krushuna, are situated near Krushuna village in the Maarata area in the country of Bulgaria. This is one of the biggest water cascades in Bulgaria with many rapids, drainages, and a great variety of different plants and animals. This place attracts not only Bulgarian tourists but many foreigners too. For the confidence of the tourists there is an eco path along which people could walk for hours, feasting their eyes with the beautiful landscape, inspired by the crystal clear waters of the waterfalls and the fresh-green verdure of the surroundings. Some of the plants are very rare and could only be seen in Bulgaria, on this eco path.

Bulgaria has many of these picturesque places. The first impression that every visitor gets when he/she comes here is that the landscapes look like an exotic island from a movie or а picture. It just doesn't look real. The falling water from the marble rocks brings some kind of adventure, and the streams formed by the clean water bring calmness and snugness.

This is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria. The main waterfall of Krushuna is falling down from 20 meters. It separates itself in a couple of branches and that way it forms more waterfalls. The air near the waterfall is fresh and saturated with water drops. The place is completely impassible. Without the stairs and the eco path, one could not reach the stream of the waterfall. The stream is hidden in the cave and you can go there by the path, which is going through the limestone cave.

In Bulgaria, there are many eco paths, which lead to the beauties of its nature. Not far from here is the Devetashka Cave. You can go there after you go through the bridge of the Osam River and take the way to Devetaki village. After that, you go downstream along the bank of the river. You will probably see that the eco path has a tourist marking but somewhere it is missing. The cave has the biggest narthex in Europe. It is the largest cave between the 60 caves in the area of the Devetaki plateau.

You should come and see Bulgaria, feel it, hear it and love it! The Krushinska eco path is the shortest in Bulgaria but at the expanse of that it is one of the unspoiled by civilization places and that is what makes it unique. The path is going through the Waterfalls of Krushuna, which are protected by law. It is not more than 200 km away from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.

Other interesting places in the country of Bulgaria and not far from this eco path are the Urushka Maara and Boninska Dupka. Here you can take a walk along the defile – an old picturesque road. You can spend at least 3 hours if you choose to walk on it. However, if you choose it you want regret it because here you can see the Big Raven Abyss, which is an impressive Karsts' phenomenon. If you are going with a car, you should see the Devetashka Cave too.

If you book a travel to Bulgaria (interesting to know is that the Danes commonly call it Bestil rejse Bulgarien), you capture some of the most beautiful places in your memories. Here in Krushuna region you can enjoy the sounds of the nature and be charmed by the breathtaking views that the country of Bulgaria could offer you.