Today, saving money is very important. Surprisingly, you can save a lot more money with your gas fireplace than you though possible by performing a number of very simple tasks. The advantages of a gas fireplace are numerous, but do not just settle for the normal efficiency; get the most from it and save money in the process!

1. Turn off the pilot light during the warm months. 

Although some people feel uncomfortable adjusting or switching the pilot off, leaving it on all through the year is a guaranteed way to burn off more electricity than necessary. Just by taking the few minutes to switch the pilot light off, you are able to save on something you did not know you were spending money on before.

To turn the pilot off, just find the valve handle around the gas line to turn it off. If you aren't confident with re-lighting the pilot when the season calls for it, your gas company will send an expert to do it, totally free.

2. Make use of a dimmer to adjust the intensity of the fire.

Dimmers are nice tools that can help you save money by controlling the amount of energy used for the intensity of the flames in the fireplace. Sometimes, dimmers aren't even thought about by gas fire place owners because they don't realize that they exist or they simply aren't considering using them. Even so, a good dimmer can really make a difference in the amount of money you pay out every month on the electricity.

3. Put in a fan to blow the hot air into the house.

You'd be astonished by how much hotter your house could be simply by using the right gear to route the hot air to the places that you want it to go. By doing this, you can save on your monthly heating bill.  Fans come in kits that are easy to install into your existing fireplace unit.

4. Put in an electric starter, known as an intermittent pilot ignition, to negate the necessity to keep your pilot light on all the time. 

An electric starter is a good device that will ignite the gas fireplace through monitoring the temperature. When the thermostat's temperature drops below a particular level, the electric starter starts the gas fireplace to begin heating up the house. It is a good device which can be used for those that don't wish to mess with starting or stopping the fire place, and it can ensure that your gas fireplace only gets used when it is necessary. This can really help you spend less on your own monthly bill!

As you can see, there are a few simple steps you can take to help your gas fireplace work more efficiently and help you save more income in the long run. Don't just let your fireplace secretly dig more into your wallet than you would like. Try a number of these tips out all on your own to make your type of gas fireplace work more effectively for you!