There are very few things that can compare to the unexplainable rush that runs through your entire body the moment that you finally solve your mystery; when you find the one.

There is no question in your mind when you see them sitting across that coffe shop ordering a latte. You decide in that very moment that you believe in fate; that nothing in this life could be more beautiful than their voice softly whispering your name; that every image of the life you could build together is flashing before your eyes. And suddenly you are brought back to reality as your waiter asks what you would like to order. But you are so drawn to this incredible soul that you won't miss this opportunity. You reluctantly wander over to them, and the next thing you know, it is your third date. Now that this dream can  be brought to life, you can't fathem the idea of life without them. Every night when you lie in bed, you drift back to that very first moment of this love in that little coffee shop on the edge of town.                     


Coffee Shop LoveCredit:

   It's not that you need to have them lying there in bed next to you every night; it's that there isn't a single thing you'd rather be doing than looking into their endless eyes as you talk about your hopes, your beliefs, your fantasies, and your dreams. To picture yourself without them is impossible. You have allowed yourself fall so deeply that every ounce of love and hope has been brought to the surface. You have layed it all out on the table now. You've wrote your most heartfelt poems and spent long nights drinking bottles of tequila as you play the most carefully composed melody on an acoustic guitar. You look for the constellations in a sky full of shooting stars. You both wish for this love to last for eternity as a comet lands in the earth close by. You both cry endlessly during the credits of the notebook, and one year you are drawn to follow a carefully placed trail of rose petals. When the night is over, you truly believe in your heart that there is nothing you desire more out of life than to cherish these moments with your soul mate.



    Decades fly by; but after all of this time, you haven't once changed your mind. A handful of people find passion as true as yours and you could never imagine life any other way. Through the tradgedies of family deaths, to the precious moments of your children's first glimpses of the world, it has been an unfolding novel of crazy love.  You know in your heart as you sit by his side at that same exact coffee shop 50 years later, that today will be your last visit here together. When he reaches over that table and brushes your hand, tears fall softly down your cheeks. Two weeks are left before his expected death. All you can see is that first day replaying when he asked for your name. And then pain. All you can feel is daggers driving through your fragile heart as he slips away in that hospital bed three weeks later. To lose a love like this is equivalent to hell, but you block out the world when you stand by his gravestone. Every day, you visit hime and talk to the air in this silent cemetary. You pray he can hear you but you never get a reply. You refuse to let yourself give up on the love you once knew. You know you will never fall for another, and you say a prayer to your love as you turn your eyes away. After all of this time, here you still sit carefully reliving your diaries and photo albums in your quiet bed at this lonely nursing home. The only joy left in this life are the visits from your children. But the day that you too pass, everyone knows that this is all that you desired anymore in life. And then, silence.

When you cross over to the other side, there in heaven, you spark that beautiful passionate love. You take one long awaited look at eachother, and then stroll away into a meadow of flowers holding hands; because this is eternal love.