Weddings are always fun to go to. It is a happy day for the guest and the happiest day of the couple. It of course starts with the ceremony and then signing of the marriage documents after which the fun begins – the reception! Wedding cakes are often what stand out during this merry part of the wedding celebration. Without them, weddings would not be the same. Most cultures around the world have this so it is naturally an essential part of the event.

The cake can come in different forms and sizes. Traditional cakes are normally layered and white in color. Apparently, the bigger the cake, the grander the wedding (rich man's wedding). Traditional ones are white in color as they signify purity of the wedding and of the bride. But in today's world, all of these has changed. Yes, we still have the cake but as time goes on we see more and more unusual wedding cakes employed in weddings. Cake colors deviate from the traditional white while the form of cakes has taken a turn for the bizarre. Some are unusually small, some are humongous!

An example of this is the cupcake wedding cake. This type of cake is not what you seem to think it is. No, it is not an oversized cupcake but rather a neat compilation of cupcakes to create a much bigger cake! They are compiled in such a way so that it looks like a normal cake from afar. As bizarre as this might seem to some especially to the older population, this is actually popular with younger couples. This is because cupcake "cakes" are much cheaper to produce. Not only that, if you know how to bake cupcakes, you can opt to bake them yourselves thus making "cheaper" "much more cheaper".

Then there is the case of designer wedding cakes. These are simply customized cakes that the bride and groom creatively think of. It can be any design and use any ingredient that they so desire. However, personalization comes with a price. These cakes are not cheap because you would need to employ the services of professional cake makers. These cakes are especially made for the couple who ordered them hence they are not mass produced making the production of such cakes very expensive.

Yes, you can get cheap wedding cakes or expensive ones. It all depends on your taste and style (and of course your budget). If you are on a tight budget, go with cupcakes. If you have the money, you can opt to design the cake yourself and have professionals make it. Whatever you choose, just make sure that the decision you make is something you will not regret.