What the !@#$%

Give em a break

A Time To Reflect

The week that time stood still at InfoBarrel is an article about the ride that thirty some odd thousand writers have been invited to take with the staff at InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel 2.0 is finally here after much anticipation by the writing community. Everyone here is on edge about bugs and issues that are popping up.

Earnings are down and traffic is low. The numbers have turned back toward the upside but the anxiety level is almost palpable in the forums.

Posts are fast and furious about this issue or that and the administration is answering them all in record speed. Bugs are being fixed as they are found and the buzz is up about how this may effect InfoBarrel as a whole in the future.

In general everyone that has been here for a while and is familiar with the staff here, has taken the wait and see approach.

There are some new comers who really have an unknowing attitude to the temporary resulting loss of traffic.

IB staff has addressed every single issue that has arisen and continues to do so in about as timely a fashion as humanly possible.

The big sites will take a week just to answer an e-mail. This site has an administration that will usually answer in minutes when a question is posted in the forum from any user, new or old.

Running A Website

Unbridled CreativityCredit: eGDC Ltd


Writing for IB is a special experience. Nowhere else will you get the community support that comes with a membership at IB. Writing for other article directories can feel a lot like work.

Writing for IB can feel like you've arrived at a pals house, or your community center. The forums are downright addicting and most have trouble staying out of them to get any writing done.

Getting some content up and starting to see increases in your traffic and earnings can be very exciting. This little blip in the radar is no big deal. In the long run we will benefit far more as a group with 2.0. This is going to be the continuation of the rise to the top.

As Google re-crawls 60,000 pages of content over the next week or so, every page within the site is going to get re-indexed. This is a good thing.

Although we lose a few visitors over the next few days, in the following weeks to come the articles should climb higher and faster, due to the fact that they have been indexed again.

This is the best time to rework or massively back link all of your work. Use the time to get some of your own exposure.

If you place a back link to ten articles at ten sites and each returns ten visitors, you just got 1,000 visitors. Still seem like too much work?

Let's Cheer Them On

Human motivation

When writing this article I've bounced back into the forums time and time again and every few minutes another bug is fixed and another users issues are no more.

With over sixty thousand pages of content it looks as though the transition may take a week. Not bad for a website with a limited staff that spends so much time caring and interacting with the writers they've partnered with.

Success is something that will not arrive without effort. If it ever does, the rewards are diminished because we didn't put anything into it.

Success is driven by the satisfaction factor. When a good job is done and labor has been exerted. This is human trait and all good hard work, eventually pays off.

The week that time stood still at InfoBarrel, may go down in the history books as the smoothest transition that has ever been performed by a website of this magnitude and size.

I for one am so glad I arrived here three months ago and have followed what I thought to be an up and coming presence in the on line content world where I live. Go IB!!!!