The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About written and authored by Kevin Trudeau, the late-night informercial star, and very controversial peddler of various natural cures and health conspiracy theories. His book the Weight Loss Cure suggests an easy way to get back into shape and promises you will at least lose 30 lbs.

Though this is controversial, considering he actually has no nutritional or fitness credentials, nor does he have any real medical proof of his esoteric diets working.

But how true is the Weight Loss Cure claim that Kevin Trudeau makes? This review will explore more on just how sustainable this very unconventional diet.

The Weight Loss Cure Review

First off all, the Weight Loss Cure has 3 main phases that each person who wants to partake in the diet must go on. The diet itself proposes many unconventional procedures related to clenasing and detoxing your body.

Phase 1 Trudeau Says Out With Inorganics!

Kevin Trudeau wants you to stop eating anything that is not organic. This whole phase full of long lists of to-do's and do not do's. Basically a list that gets rid of almost every type of food out there. Leaving you with very little options on what you can eat and drink.

You also start doing a liver cleanses and colonics. These are odd and unusual procedures are suppose to rejuvenate the body for your health.

Phase 2 The Weight Loss Cure Phase

This is where you prep up to actually lose weight with Kevin Trudaeu's techniques. This is where things get kind of strange...

In order to prep your body to lose weight according to the Weight Loss Cure, you will need to start injecting hCG into your body. This is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. Albeit, this has never been clinically proven to actually help you to lose weight, Trudeau says it preps your body for it.

This practice is very controversial and is very hard to actually find doctors who are willing to make the injection.

Phase 3 Eating Right and Eating Less

Here you get more common sense advice. The hCG injections end here, alas the odd cleansings and detox rituals do continue. As well as still only being allowed to eat organic food that you get from places such as health food stores and farmers markets. You will definitely want to know good healthy recipes for this diet.

This is all followed by a short 4th phase where you cleanse your kidneys and liver.

Conspiracy Theories of the Obese

A large portion of the book is dedicated describing large conspiracy theories that the federal govenemtn, as well as other countries' governments, have going on to proactively make people obese and overweight. The idea here is that if they do this, they can make the American public spend billions of dollars in pharmaceuticals and other drugs.

However, in my opinion, this happens moreso because people decide not to take care of themselves versus any real conspiracy theory.

Whether this conspiracy is true or not, it remains one of many of the controversies related to the author.

The Kevin Trudeau and the Weight Loss Cure Controversy

The controversy on this book is huge. From being banned from doing infomercials to having the actual marketers of his book The Weight Loss Cure charged by the FTC for misrepresenting this diet as an "easy, simple diet that you can do in your home".

The Food and Nutrition Sciences calls The Weight Loss Cure "junk science" and says the book meets all of their 10 red flags to watch for when it comes to any diet programs claiming substantial results. For your convenience here are the 10 red flags:

  1. Recommendations that promise a quick fix
  2. Dire warning of danger from a single product or regimen
  3. Claims that sound too good to be true
  4. Simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex scientific study
  5. Recommendations based on a single study
  6. Dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable sceintific organizations
  7. Lists of "good and "bad" foods
  8. Recommendations made to help sell a product
  9. Recommendations based on studies published without peer review
  10. Recommendations from studies that ignore difficultires among individuals or groups
  11. What You can Eat:
  12. Drink 8 glasses of pure water daily
  13. Eat a big breakfast

Many people claim this diet is way too complex too follow, and I tend to agree with them on that. For the average American looking to get back into shape, you need to have a few things in place if you are really going to lose weight. This diet has just too many out-there things that your average person will never be able to really complete, and they cannot really blame Kevin Trudeau's diet for not working, considering they were never able to even complete it!

There are some concerns that doing Kevin Trudeau's "The Cure for Weight Loss" program may actually have health consequences from doing the diet. Weight loss can defintielly happen using this program, though in my opinion it would mainly be temporary moreso than anything else.

The Good Thing About The Cure to Weight Loss

There are some things to salvage in Kevin Trudeau's book. Such as drinking 8 glasses of water every single day, no diet sodas or articifical sweeteners and no consumption of high fructose corn syrup. High frucstose corn syrup is a major part of why being become overweight, and is highly addictive as a sweetening additive.

Also rid yourself of eating when you're not hungry. A lot of people will eat purely out of boredom. Do not do this, wait till you actually feel the hunger pangs in your stomach before you decide to eat a healthy meal.


The effects of this diet are complicated. There is a lot of people who distrust Kevin Trudeau, so should you do this diet? In my opinion, this diet is extremely complicated and will be hard to pull off for the average person.

There are other programs out there that are much simpler and might better usage to your fitness goals. However if you are feeling daring, have the time and money on your hands for the Weight Loss Cure, it might be worth a shot. I still believe there are simpler things that you can do that are more effective (And cheaper) than Kevin Trudeau's the Weight Loss Cure.