Mixed martial arts training - MMA training for short -- is commonly described as a combat sports endeavor that entails cross training. Specifically, there are several martial arts blended into a collective mix. For those seeking a complete and comprehensive approach to martial arts training, you would greatly benefit from enrolling in a mixed martial arts program.

But, what arts would you study when you sign up with MMA gyms? As previously mentioned, there is a blend of arts you would study in a MMA program. However, certain arts take a primary role while others are supplementary. Here is a look at the various arts which are used in a Mixed Martial Arts in Portland training program:

The striking arts are commonly a mix of boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. Traditional boxing greatly enhances your ability to use your hands and it also teaches footwork, head movement, distancing, and evasive tactics. Thai boxing integrates boxing with kicks and devastating knees and elbows. Thai boxing also puts heavy emphasis on clinch work and close quarter striking.

The two prime grappling arts are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and amateur style wrestling. Brazilian jiu jitsu is more leverage based and employs submissions. Wrestling is more attribute based and entails more ground and pound work. Different MMA fighters will have either one or the other as their base art but will study both. BJJ fighters will likely train in wrestling for the takedowns and takedown defenses.

Greco-Roman wrestling can be considered one of the prime arts but only subset of it is taught. Mainly, the basics of a modified Greco-Roman clinch are stressed as a means of controlling a person in tie-up positions.

In general, basics are stressed in all of these areas and the individual fighter can go deeper into any of the arts in any way he/she feels fit in order to develop a personal fighting system.

There are also quite a number of secondary arts which are weaved into the realm of mixed martial arts. The reason these are secondary arts is not every gym stresses them and not every fighter will study them. However, they have been integrated into MMA in Portland, OR training quite a bit.

These arts would be:

  • Russian Sambo and Japanese Judo: These are basically the same art with different rules. Throws and pins are the hallmark of both. Sambo is known also for its leglocking.
  • Japanese Shooto: A precursor to MMA this is a wrestling/kickboxing/Judo hybrid that was popular in the 1980's.
  • Catch as Catch Can Wresting and All In Wrestling: These are the strength oriented submission wrestling styles of the western world. Once considered lost arts, they have made a comeback.
  • Karate: In particular, Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan,, and Kyokushin are the karate styles favored by MMA fighters.
  • French Savate: A shoe oriented kickboxing style popular in certain circles.

The truth here is that in MMA training, if what you are training delivers results then by all means continue with it. However, you have to avoid the approach of training arts for just the enjoyment of them if your mind is on MMA competition training. If you are training for fun then you don't have to be overly serious with where you delegate your training time.

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