There is a whimsical world where rag dolls come to life after their last stitch is sewn. Where these rag dolls carry the personality of the clothes that they were made from. This is LaLaLoopsy Land and it is in inhabited by the adorable family of LaLaLoopsies whose button eyes and extra long limbs give them the look of traditional rag dolls, but with articulated arms, legs and head for extra durability and ultimate playability. 

There are three different lines of LaLaLoopsy dolls. These include the original LaLaLoopsy dolls, the Littles and the Minis. Each has its own individual characters instead of just being a different sized version of the same thing, and each has its own draws. My personal favorite is the original collection, but every body’s tastes differ. 

Scribbles Squiggles Splash and Rosy Bumps N' Bruises(83746)

The Original LaLaLoopsy Dolls

The original dolls were called “Bitty Button Dolls” and were released in 2010. The name didn’t stick, though, even though the slogan “Sew Magical, Sew Cute” did. The new name brought new fame and “LaLaLoopsy” became a craze. With their own webisodes,  a Nintendo game and so many cute personalities to choose from, the general population fell in love...and they’re still falling. 

The LaLaLoopsy original characters are about 12 inches tall and come with their own person pet. Each of the 31 characters’ outfits portrays its owner’s personality and the pets accent the setting that the outfit would have come from. The A few examples would be: 

Jewels Sparkle with her pink pigtails and tiara was made from the remnants of a princess’s gown and loves all things dazzling and enjoys dancing. She comes with a pet Persian kitty and can be a bit bossy, but is always cheerful!

Sahara Mirage is the newest character in the clan, and pops up when least expected! She was made from a genie’s veil and is afraid of the dark, but always has her pet camel around to comfort her.  Also new are Misty Mysterious and Marina Anchors.

Rosy Bumps N’ Bruises was made from the scraps of a Nurse’s uniform and always puts “Safety First.”  She loves to put on bandages and sip orange juice and she has a pet bear...who she keeps carefully bandaged at all times. 

Patch Treasure Chest was made from a real pirate’s clothes! His blond hair and converse style shoes make him a favorite with the ladies, as well as his endless supply of shiny clutter that he is endlessly generous with. He has a pet parrot that loves to travel with him. 

The Mini Car with remote control the the Tree House playset

The LaLaLoopsy Littles

Commonly referred to as the “LaLaLoopsy Tiny Tots” the Littles ought not be confused with anything else, as they are beautifully unique and sweet. The eight Little characters are as individual as the original character, but with short, baby-styled hair and stubby arms and legs that make their big eyes and rosy cheeks even more appealing, they are the toddler version of the massively popular original dolls. Extra accessories are available for them so that they can be cared for properly. including a hooded towel and some extra cozy jammies for tucking them in safe at night. 

The Minis

The biggest party of all is the LaLaLoopsy Minis line with its endless collection of accessories and playsets for mindblowing fun! With a carry-along play house, a tree house, a large playhouse and remote controlled cars for your mini to drive your little girl will have the time of her life. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want a 3 inch doll with huge eyes and pink pigtails that can ride along in a remote controlled red convertible? Even my 4 year old brother would get a kick out of these! 

Whether your girly wants to create an entire land for her tiny people to play in, or wants sweet babies to tuck into bed or full sized dolls to dress and pamper, the LaLaLoopsy line has it all- and it’s all good.