There is a practical reason that so many women wear a white dress on their wedding day; this is a color that looks great on absolutely everyone. Regardless of your body's shape or skin tone, this color is universally flattering and always looks fresh, polished and dressy. More and more designers are recognizing this, and are now offering white dresses in their collections for year round wear. Whether you are looking for the perfect outfit for a special event in spring, summer, fall or winter, consider wearing a classic, white piece.

Outfits For Dressy Occasions

As recent red carpet dresses have shown, there is no color that is more elegant than white. This color is beginning to eclipse black as the color of choice for evening wear, and anyone who needs a stand by special occasion dress should consider buying one in this hue. Long dresses are timeless and will serve you well for years to come, while shorter cocktail dresses are a flirty, fun loving option for women at any age. White can be accented or accessorized with almost any color, so there will be no need to buy a new clutch or pair of shoes to finish your outfit.

Credit to Yuliya Libkina

Pageant dresses are another source of inspiration for those who want to make an evening statement in white. These dresses are often highly structured through the bodice, which can nip the waist and give you the silhouette that you want. If you will be opting for this small waisted look, it is a good idea to opt for a longer, fuller skirt to balance out your look.

Outfits For Casual, Daytime Wear

Of course, you do not need to wear your white dress exclusively at night. Summer dresses in this shade are perennially popular, but more and more women are investing in sweater dresses in this color. Whether they are being worn to the office or the opera, they will make any woman feel beautiful and well put together. The key to making this color look great in the winter is in the fabric that is used and the accessories. To winterize any outfit, add some opaque tights, a pair of boots, and a lovely coat. Although "jersey" clothing can look seasonally inappropriate during the coldest months, a thick sweater dress is great from the first chill of fall through the thawing out of spring.

No matter where you are going, a white dress will help you look your best when you get there.