The White Lions are a hunting party that came about when a group saved Caledor the First from doom.

They were named the White Lions because they are fierce and courageous and they can slay the great White Lion in a single combat. Sometimes they raise a white lion cum into a War Lion to assist in their battles against foes.

Most White Lions serve the Phoenix King's honor guard, but some foster the War Lions of Chrace as they are very in tune with nature. Trained white lions can become loyal and bonded to their Chracian hunter foster parent.

Elder War Lions are a force on the battle field. they can pull chariots carrying the White Lions. Younger War Lions go with their master into battle under watchful eyes. They are then trained in the art of war. Foes simply can not compete with a hunter and his white lion - death will either be by claw or axe.

The White Lion will grow into new appearances based on age. there is also ornate armored protection for Elder War Lions. When you play as a White Lion you have to learn about the synergy that develops between hunter and beast. The lions are strong fighters on their own, but when they work with their hunter master they become a formidable and fearsome opponent.

It is up to you how you choose to train up your white lion. Some will train their lions to stand by the hunter's side in the battle field to take down many opponents. Others are trained to be aggressive fighters to take attention away from the White Lion so they can strike out at foes. Some White Lions will take the lead and leave their feline friend in the shadows waiting to leap out.

Path Of the Hunter is a career path for White Lions. Here the White Lion must fight with their War Lion. There is also the Path of the Axeman and Path of the Guardian to choose from.

Anyone who takes on the White Lion and his War Lion is in for a tough fight. Opponents will determine who the bigger threat is and aim for them first.

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