Water Parks

Wisconsin Dells is a great place for families to travel.  The Wilderness is an awesome place because of the many water parks it has to offer.  Throughout the entire Wilderness grounds, there are a total of 8 water parks; 4 outdoor and 4 indoor.

The Wild Water Dome water park is a popular choice because of the indoor tanning year round.  The water dome has a ceiling of sky lights, so you can tan even in the winter time.  Make sure you bring your sun screen so you don’t get burnt!  Who knew that you can swim while you tan when it is at freezing temperatures outside.  The Wild Water Dome makes this possible.  This water park also has a giant wave pool, which produces large waves for 15 minutes, once every half hour.  This can be a lot of fun if you are way out in the deep end of the pool.  Of course, this water park also has two water slides.  The dueling mammoths is the name of the set of water slides.  You can find between 4-6 people in one of these rafts.  The twists and turns in this slide is something you won’t want to miss.

Klondike Kavern is another indoor water park at the Wilderness.  This water park has two tube slides, one body slide, a lazy river, a large play area for both toddlers and school aged kids, and last but not least, the hurricane.  The hurricane is one of the most popular rides.  It first drops almost 60 feet before you get pushed into a funnel where you go back and forth for what feels like forever.  This ride will sure give you a stomach dropping experience.  The line for this ride may be long, but it is definitely worth the wait.  There are a few toddler slides and one medium sized slide which is great for kids 12 years old and younger.

Wild West is an indoor water parks where you can experience bumper boats.  Ride on the bumper boats while trying to splash your friends and family.  The rides at this water park are the black hole and fantastic voyage.  The black hole is similar to the hurricane, where you are riding a raft and go into a dark ride before you land into a starry ending.  The fantastic voyage is similar to the dueling mammoths in the Water Dome.  You will ride a large raft down a twisting tube tunnel.  At the indoor water parks, you can also rent cabanas for the day.  When you rent a cabana you can relax in an air conditioned room with a t.v. and have your own private space.  There is a fee for this rental, but it is worth it for your own comfort and relaxation.

Cubby’s Cove is both an indoor and outdoor water park to visit if you want some peace and quiet.  This water park is located on the lake where you can get a beautiful view of Lake Delton as you swim.  There is an outdoor pool with a waterfall, an indoor and outdoor hot tub, an indoor water slide and an indoor pool with a basketball net and a climbing net.  This water park is normally pretty quiet because not many people want to venture out to this park.  It is on the lake so it is a few miles away from the main area. 

Lost World water park at the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells is a place to visit for those who are dinosaur fanatics.  Five story slides, the lazy river, an outdoor hot tub and water basketball are things you can do at this outdoor water park.  There are many dinosaur statues at this water park that are very fascinating.  The brand new water slides at this park have a trap door water slide drop that is an amazing experience.  There is a countdown before the bottom drops and you are sent racing down the water slide at a top speed.

If you are looking for a large lazy river, the 13,000 square foot lazy river at Lake Wilderness water park is the place to go.  This water park also has a tube slide, body slide, mini slides for the kids, a hot tub, lap pool, water basketball and a small toddler’s wadding pool.  There are also sprinklers and sprayers in the toddler pool that will have your little on screaming with delight.  The Mackinac Tap & Snack Shack is right on site and offers a menu of cold drinks, soups, sandwiches, pizza, cocktails and nice cold ice cream treats.

 The New Frontier water park is an outdoor water park in Wisconsin Dells.  This water park has a lazy river, a 400 foot tube slide, a fast body slide and a kid’s area that drops a 300 gallon bucket of water into a kid’s wading pool.  This is also a great place for parents to relax and kids to play as there is a big hot tub to soak up some sun and warm up while the kids burn off their energy.

 If you are looking for a place to vacation year round with your entire family, The Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is the place to travel.  It gives the parents a chance to feel like a kid and even have time to relax while the kids run off and play at the water parks all day.  There are also many other amenities at The Wilderness.  Many arcades, a 4 foot play area and a tight rope jungle gym are just a few of the amenities.  The Wilderness has many activities for the kids to enjoy everyday.  Duck races, $1 root beer floats, bumper boat races, making tye dye t-shirts are just a few of the activities for the kids.  There are many specials and deals you can find if you want to vacation at the Wilderness.  The best thing about this resort is that you cannot buy a day pass to swim at these water parks.  You must be a guest to use the amenities, which means these water parks stay pretty quiet compared to others in Wisconsin Dells.