In most locations you can buy a hybrid cat that combines a wild cat with a domestic cat. The line is then continued on with the wild/domestic hybrid being bred with other domestic cats and other wild/domestic hybrids. However, for those that don't want the wild behaviors that hybrids often have there are domestic cats that look wild. There are many breeds that have a wild look and some breeds that have the wildest look you can get in a domestic cat. 


The abyssinian is a cat that has large ears, large eyes, and a ticked coat that will remind you of a mountain lion. They are not a hybrid cat, but instead are of all domesticated blood and have been domesticated for a very long time. The breed was developed in Egypt though the origin is not quite known. While the shrouded history of the abyssinian leaves a lot of doubt about how old the breed is the first cat listed as an abyssinian was done so in 1882.

The oritinal color of the abyssinian is a reddish brown color with black ticking. This color is called usual in the UK and ruddy around the world. Other colors include sorrel (yellow brown base with brown ticking), blue (light beige base with blue ticking), fawn (cream base with tan ticking), and silver (silver white base with any colored ticking) which is not recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association. Rarer colors are tortoiseshell, red, cream, chocolate, and lilac.

In addition to having a wild look, abyssinians have a very fun personality. They are playful, extremely active, and intelligent. They don't have the bored and sleeping the day away as many lap cats do and this really makes them a lot more interactive of a cat.

AbyssinianCredit: keine, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: keine, Wikipedia, CC BY SA

Australian Mist

The Australian mist is a wild looking breed developed in Australia. It was formally called the spotted mist. The name was changed when the acceptable characteristics for the breed expanded to include marble patterned cats as well as spotted ones. The development of this all domestic cat breed began in 1976 and was created by crossing Burmese, Abyssinian, and Domestic Shorthair cats.

The cats are medium in size and have short fur, but what really sets them apart is their pale coloration toped with a darker pattern. The pattern is delicate rather than bold with the idea that it is misted on. The tail has either bars or rings and the face and neck have lines of color.

Australian mist cats are very relaxed domesticated cats. They love families and even with their wild look they will enjoy laying around. While they are great lap cats they will also learn to walk on a leash.

Australian MistCredit: Regis2007, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Regis2007, Wikipedia, CC BY SA

Bahraini Dilmun Cat

The Bahraini Delmun cat is a rare breed in Babraini. Some believe that it is a hybrid cat that has occurred naturally on the island. It's hard to know without genetic research and there are fewer Bahraini Dilmun cats because they are breeding with Persians on the island. These are large cats with light and small spots and rosettes. They have a very wild look and have been on the island for a long time.  

California Spangled Cat

While one could argue that the bombay is just a black cat and that the burmilla, while beautiful, isn't as wild looking as one might want, there is no doubt about it that the California spangled cat is one wild looking kitty. The California spangled cat was an expensive and rare breed that was being developed in the 1980's using the abyssinian, American shorthair, and British shorthair. They are completely domestic.  

The goal was to breed a long and lean cat that was still muscular and looked like a cat sized leopard. The coat can be bronze, gold, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver, or white but should have spots on them. They also need high cheek bones and large whisker pads. They are still rare because many people know more about the ocicat (wild looking domestic cat) and bengal (hybrid cat created by crossing a domestic cat with a Asian leopard cat).  

California Spangled CatCredit: Flamingice007sg, Wikipedia, PDCredit: Flamingice007sg, Wikipedia, PD

Dragon Li

The Dragon Li is a Chinese cat breed that is well muscled and has a golden brown, broken striped tabby pattern that gives it a wild look. It also has large eyes, tufted ears, and is very intelligence. The general belief is that this is a subspecies of the Chinese mountain cat that has domesticated itself to a certain degree and then been bred for beauty and a wild, intelligent cat. Studies haven't proven this to be the case, but it hasn't disproved it either.  

Dragon LiCredit: Definitive1, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Definitive1, Wikipedia, CC BY SA

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian maus are believed to be one of the oldest breed of domesticated cats. They are shown in Egyptian art that dates back more than 3000 years. These spotted cats are all domestic and is even one of the fastest domestic cats. Unlike many hybrid cats the Egyptian mau is a small to medium cat while still having a wild look and superior intelligence.  

The cat has a beautiful base coat that has a spotted appearance because the ticking in some areas is dark on top. The skin is solid color and the look is beautiful. The Egyptian Mau comes in five colors with silver being most popular and pewter being least popular. Other colors include bronze, smoke, and black. All Maus must have green eyes. In addition to a look that sets it apart, the Egyptian mau cat will have either a scarab beetle or M shaped mark on its forehead. Most cats with the M shape are from the United States. There are only about 6500 registered Egyptian maus in the world. 

Egyptian MauCredit: liz west from Boxborough, MA, Wikipedia, CC BYCredit: liz west from Boxborough, MA, Wikipedia, CC BY

These wild breeds are spotted, ticked, and beautiful. Many of them have personalities that really love spending time with people. They are highly intelligent and are often loved by their owners. Their looks might not be as wild as the hybrid cats, but they are pretty darn close and definitely unforgettable.