Planning the Path of A New Writer

It has been such a long time.  I hope that I will provide more frequent reports in the future (I think it would be a great record of the path of new writer).  This month was incredibly busy which prevented me from writing and publishing as many articles as I would like.  Hopefully, I will be better about that in the future.  Of course I do not have very much to report in terms of earnings (which is perfectly fine since I am new).  But I do want to share what happened this month. 

Writing in General

This month I decided it would be a good idea to try to focus my articles on certain topics.  The goal was lofty but, unfortunately, I just kept thinking about which topic was the ‘best topic’.  What was the result?  Well, I do not have one particular topic that I want to focus on and I feel like I wasted so much time. 

Although I did not write as much as I wanted to write, I did read the forums.  I greatly appreciated the posting on how to add a picture to an article.  I thought that I had it figured out, but as we can all see from my earlier articles, I was doing it all wrong.  It is nice to know how to do it properly.

I guess this month was something that most new writers have to learn.  It is weird to experience the want to fully understand how this whole process works and actually writing.  I wish I had a manual that really taught you how to do this.  The uncertainty is something that I am learning to accept (itmakes you appreciate all those lessons that teachers planned for you in school). 

Interesting Trends

This month was a little disappointing because I know that I had the ability to get everything done I just did not do it.  I spent some time learning about online writing and I think I focused too much energy on learning.  I was able to learn a few new things about Google and to talk to some other online writers.  I found a few forums that I think will be a great source of information for me as I continue on my online writing journey. 

I have noticed that I have the habit of becoming more focused at the end of the month.  For instance, at the end of the month, I wrote ten articles over the course of two days.  It is not a lot of writing but if I had that focus for even a week, I would have completed thirty-five articles.  This only shows that I should put more effort into spacing out my writing.  It really shows that I am able to do things when I feel the pressure to complete them but honestly, I should work on this weekly and not at the end of the month.

I also noticed that I spent a lot of time looking at niche sites.  For some reason, I really enjoy niche sites.  As a result, I looked into some other online ventures and I think that it will be good to learn to build some niche sites.  However, I think I will spend a little more time to getting on a publishing schedule with InfoBarrel before I invest too much into other ventures.


I see a lot of people focused on earnings.  I know that is something that drives the content field but sometimes I think too much time is spent focusing on how much money you earn.  After looking at the success stories on InfoBarrel and reading the forum, it appears that most people earn after being on InfoBarrel for three months or after reaching one hundred and fifty articles.  At the present time I have not met either condition so I am not really worried about my earnings.  

As a new writer my main focus is on learning about online writing and actually writing.  In fact I would be ecstatic if I had $100 in earnings in six months.  However, I did receive my first click this month.  The earnings weren’t too much and of course, my analytics were not integrated so I do not have any idea where the earnings came from.  But it was exciting. 


This section is nice and sweet, no new referrals this month.  Also, the one person that I did refer has not written any articles.  I hope that I refer more people at some point, but I am glad that I at least referred one person.


My goals are pretty much the same as last month.  I hope to write more articles for the holiday season.  I will probably use the editorial calendar as a starting point since I am prone to get distracted.  It would also be nice to get on a schedule where I publish a certain amount a week and not publishing at the end of the month. I will also work on a little SEO (not too much because I need to spend more time just writing).  I also want to spend some time in the forum.


I think the best advice that I can offer at this moment is to keep writing.  Do not focus on all the small items that can become distracting as an online writer.   I love to read and to learn but there is a lot of value in simply sitting and writing.  I spent so much time agonizing over the right approach this month when really I should have focused on doing the things that I know how to do to the best of my ability and writing as much as I could.  Research is great but it will only help you if you actually apply it.  

Join Us

If you are not a writer for InfoBarrel, but you are interested in the opportunity you should join.  The great thing about InfoBarrel is that it is easy for beginners to start and the community is friendly.

Well, that is all for now.

Aurora with The Windsor Report