Ancient traditional medicine used various types of plants, herbs and spices to treat a number of ailments. Natural or alternate medicine is gaining momentum since people are increasingly keen on using natural medicine to cure modern-day illnesses. A wide range of natural and herbal supplements is making its way into the medicine cabinets of many households. Ginseng has been in the spotlight in the recent years due to its high potency to repair and restore health of the body, mind and soul.  No wonder, natural medicine considers this herb as the king of the herbs due to its cure-all properties.

The Powerful Ginseng

Ginseng dates back to the prehistoric ages of Korea and China. Subsequently, the research and cultivation spread further to the several countries of the world – Russia, Japan, Germany, the USA and Canada. Ginseng is a plant having fleshy roots, which interestingly resembles the legs and arms of a human. Cultivation of this herb needs commitment and patience as it takes about five to ten years for the roots to mature. Ginseng is available in raw, dried and processed forms.  Asian (Panax ginseng), Siberian (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and American (Panax quinquefolius) are the main three types of ginseng. They mainly differ with the active ingredients present in each type. While ginsenosides are present in Asian and American ginseng, Siberian ginseng has eleutherosides. Each type of ginseng aids different ailments of the body.

How Do I Benefit?

Herbalists prescribe Asian ginseng to improve immunity, heart health, type 2 diabetes, physical exhaustion, mental strength and menopausal symptoms. It is also believed to lower the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and boosts sexual performance.

Studies found that American ginseng is effective for Diabetes, immunity, ADHD and possesses properties to curtail the growth of cancerous cells.

Siberian ginseng is widely known to improve mental health, physical stamina, cold, flu and cuts down the herpes symptoms.

Where can I buy this herb?

Ginseng is available in health and drug stores in the form of liquid extract, powder or capsules. Nevertheless, whole and natural ginseng is more potent and authentic.  Processed products run the risk of adulteration.  Get in touch with your local or online herbal store to buy the herbal root.

How do I use Ginseng?

As with any supplement, it is recommended to consult a medical expert, before using any type of ginseng.  An herbalist can guide you on the dosage and the right type of ginseng for different ailments. Fresh and dried root is chewed and swallowed, while the standard liquid extract is either taken in water or consumed directly.

Ginseng Tea

Are there any side effects?

 Taking herbal supplements needs medical supervision as it may disturb the system due to interaction with other medicines, which can trigger side effects.

Ginseng is not recommended for the following people:

  1. pediatric use,
  2. lactating mothers,
  3. pregnant women,
  4. people with high blood pressure,
  5. autoimmune diseases,
  6. patients undergoing surgery,
  7. heart patients
  8. mentally ill
  9. people having a history of cancer

The side effects of this herb include but not limited to headache, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeplessness, restlessness, nosebleed, anxiety and high blood pressure.

If you are planning to use ginseng, make sure you buy the right type of ginseng for under the supervision and advice of a medical expert and/or herbalist.