Elvis Presley says it best

Spring Fever comes to everyone. Spring Fever, it's time for fun. Elvis says it well here. Spring Fever is a pronounced set of psychological effects on our mind that hits us right around the time that the weather improves. Spring Fever hits right around the March - April timeframe and most of us can say that the symptoms are actually not negative but positive. We will look more into this and find out why we experience this phenomenon each year around this time.


Spring Fever hits each year and is very contagious among all who live in a climate that experiences a good winter to spring transition. The most common symptoms of Spring Fever include increased energy, higher levels of happiness and contentmeSpring FeverCredit: http://www.morguefile.comnt, andoverall joy. People who experience this condition will note a large increase in ability to enjoy things both inside and outside, and a release of endorphins that cause positive emotions is ever present. Unlike things like the flu and the common cold, we embrace this condition and look forward to spring each year because of it. There is no cure because our bodies and minds naturally look forward to nicer weather after experiencing brutal cold, snowy winters.

Serotonin and Melatonin

To better understand why we experience this condition we have to look more deeply into human chemical reactions and the role certain elements play on our bodies. According to Wikipedia there is a happiness hormone called Serotonin that is released as a result of sunlight and more lengthy days, thereby causing us to feel more happy and energetic when spring rolls around.[1] This explains why when winter rolls around people generally feel more depressed and tired, and it's not because we dread the cold or the snow either. It's because of another hormone called Melatonin that is more commonly known as the sleep hormone that gives us this experience. Melatonin is produced by the body's pineal gland and during the day it's inactive where at night it's active.[2] This would give a great indication why our body naturally goes through this cycle of being tired at night and awake during the day because of how daylight affects our minds and bodies. This is a key point and worth exploring why we experience Spring Fever each year.

While these ideas of different levels of Serotonin and Melatonin affecting our minds and bodies and causing Spring Fever are merely hypothesis at this point, there is strong evidence to conclude that there is indeed a correlation. I'm keeping an eye out for further studies to be conducted because at this point it's not discussed further other than just a feeling of elation we experience from warmer weather. It would be interesting to see if any conclusions beyond this were made in a scientific environment but I do believe that we have strong evidence to explain this phenomenon.

Whacked out sleep schedules

I haven't worked a graveyard shift before as all of my jobs were during the day, but it would be interesting to explore what people who work these kinds of shifts experience when Spring Fever hits. The fact that they are sleeping during the day when sunlight and warm temperatures are around would cause me to logically deduce that sleeping would be more difficult. I can't locate any articles or studies on this but I would think that an exploration on the effects of this condition on people who work at night and sleep during the day would prove an interested endeavor. Regardless when people have issues sleeping it's largely because of the time of day and I would hope that those who work these kinds of jobs with these kinds of shifts wouldn't have an adverse effect on their sleep or rest time because of naturally occurring hormones that are produced from Spring Fever.

People love it

Of course we embrace this condition because we feel good, and sometimes during the winter the very thought of spring can in essence conjure up images and feelings that come as a result of this time of year. I have talked with many people that have described Spring Fever as feeling "alive". I love that desFlowers coming back to lifeCredit: http://www.morguefile.comcription because it's an accurate portrayal of the emotions I experience when inflicted with this condition and it's wonderful. It's almost as if the world comes back to life, colors are brighter and more vibrant, and my body is more energetic. I feel a sense of vitality come back to my muscles and bones which gives me a great boost in testosterone to get out and workout or get outside and hike. The depressing times of winter suppress our desires to be outside and excited because nobody likes the cold, so when spring rolls around we are all immediately brought back to that place of happiness which includes warmer weather and more sunlight.