The other day I ran into a friend (or should I say an acquaintance) that I have not seen in quite some time and I almost didn't recognize her! You see, my friend, Claire, used to have major skin problems. In fact, she would rarely go out with "the girls" because she was too self-conscious. Well, Claire's skin problems are GONE and she looks absolutely wonderful! I didn't want to be rude; however, I HAD to ask what her skin care secret was! Her reply, Obagi Skin Care Products! Obagi? Now I thought I had heard of just about every skin care product on the market today.but Obagithat's a new one! My friend and I parted wayspromising to get together for lunch soon and that was that.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment for some routine blood-work. While waiting for my name to be called.what did I see.could it be..a stack of pamphlets advertisingyou guessed it, Obagi Skin Care Products! I had no idea that my own physician was, in fact, a strong supporter of this mystery skin care system. I had to find out more!

It is no secret that the sun is NOT your skin's friend; in fact, it is the number one reason as to why people have damaged skin in the first place. I, for one, now regret the many years I spent "worshipping the sun" as a teenager. Of course, when you are young, the last thing you are thinking about is what your skin is going to look like when you are forty, fifty or even sixty years old. If I had only known! Of course, there are other reasons for skin care problems such as stress, smoking and air pollution. All of these things, over-time, make it difficult for your skin to "renew" itself properly and cell production does indeed slow down and this my friends, is not a good thing!

According to my physician, the Obagi Nu-Derm System iswell, simply wonderfula gift for the skin! You must have a prescription in order to obtain this skin care system; however, it truly is worth inquiring about if you have skin that has been damaged by the sun (not to mention wrinkles and lines!). The Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Care Line actually transforms your skin from within (the cell level) and addresses all of the damage that the sun has done over the years. It promotes healthy skin cell function, is clinically proven, and will have you looking younger and healthier in no time! From the look of my friend Claire's skin, I must say that it really does work!

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is quite complex as there are many components. When you meet with your doctor, he or she will put together a group of Obagi Nu-Derm products that will work best on your skin type. If you ask me, this is fantastic! A complete skin care system.DESIGNED JUST FOR ME AND MY TYPE OF SKIN! Perfect! If you love to be outdoors, there are also several different types of Obagi sun protection lotions so don't forget to ask your doctor when you go in for your skin consultation!

Taking care of your skin is extremely important! It doesn't matter whether you are twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or sixtythe important thing is that you find a skin care product line that WORKS for YOU! If you have problem skin and want to do something about itwhy not ask your dermatologist about Obagi? You will be glad you did!