Garbage city of Cairo, Egypt, formerly known as Manshiyat naser, is definitely a most interesting one. There are lots of cities around the world that are all known for different things and have their different ways of bringing in income. Some make their money by producing clothing, electronics, purifying water, and other things of the sort, but Garbage City is much different. Garbage city makes their money of of garbage.

About Garbage City

Garbage city is a slum located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. It's a very unique slum though because normally when the idea of a slum comes to mind, the idea of an economy does not. This is what makes garbage city so unique. Garbage city in fact, does have an economy. It's economy revolves around recycling garbage from the city.

Garbage city is a lot like other cities except it does not always have running water, electricity or sewage. When looking at Garbage city, during the day, you may see it the same way you see any other dirty city, but the fact is that it is not.

It's actually really amazing how a slum can still provide a way to make money on their own, without having to find jobs within the major city. Garbage City is spectacular. It recycles almost everything you can think of and then sells it back to the city.


In terms of tourism, I couldn't say that Garbage city gets much of it. Cairo, Egypt is a complete different story, because they have hotels, places for tourists to stay and things for tourists to do. Garbage city is based around getting to the next day by doing what is necessary.

Also, let's be honest, most tourists from America, Europe or whatever place, are on vacation to be somewhere aesthetically pleasing. Although Garbage city is definitely an extremely interesting city to debate and do research on, it might not be the best place to actually visit.

Now Garbage city could always work on making their slum more tourist friendly even though most slums are not, but that has a huge chance of destroying their economy. If they stopped allowing so much garbage into the city, then the streets would be cleaner and more appealing but then how would they make their money.


Garbage City may not be the most appealing place, but the way that the economy and the system works is absolutely incredible. It's hard to say it would be a place that many want to visit, but who knows, maybe that could change in the future.