The Wondrous Work of Silicon

Beginning from 1787, when the Silicon element was first discovered by Antoine Lavoisier, French Chemist, the knowledge about its importance in our planet's biosphere has been steadily increasing to the present day. It's a known fact today that silicon is the second most abundant element after oxygen, constituting 29%. All organic products – fruit and vegetables – have silicon element among other vitamins and minerals that we need on a daily basis. It is even found in our drinking water!

The research conducted into the importance of silicon for the human organism back in the 1960s in Russia discovered that the defic

Silicon Dioxide

it of silicon (silica) was common to most serious ailments. This particular research found further evidence to show that silicon was the main element of collagen fibrils which determines elasticity and flexibility of connective tissue of our tendons, joint cartilage, walls of blood vessels, intestines, and valve mechanism of the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, all the skin, hair and nail problems are also associated with the silicon deficiency.

Silicon and Nervous System

Silicon is the main structural element which provides precise and congruent nervous system control over other organs in our body. So, what this means is that as silicon levels drop, so does the ability of blood vessels' response to the commands of the brain to either expand or shrink. This happens primarily due to blood vessels becoming rigid as a direct result of silicon reduction and being replaced by calcium in the same amounts. There is a real risk of developing such conditions as atherosclerosis or stenocardia if cholesterol begins to accumulate on the calcium 'thorns".

The Wonder is...Silicon colloid

The colloids of Silicon possess a wonderful property of "sticking" pathogenic microbes, viruses and various other microorganisms to themselves to create a complex compound. In such a form, our bodies safely release these microbes without any harm done. However, colloids of Silicon do not "glue" themselves to all bacteria, and microbes in our, say, intestinal tract. All that is good for us is left untouched – Lactobacillus, for example.

Maximum levels of Silicon you will be able to obtain from such products as oats, barley, knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare), horsetail (Equisetum arvense) celery, a vegetable known as Earth Apple or Jerusalem artichoke/potato (Helianthus tuberosus), and cereals. But these need to be unprocessed, as natural as possible. For instance, brown rice compared to white will have much more benefit as it is sure to contain significantly more minerals and vitamins including Silicon.

Drinking Water enriched with Silicon


It is probably the simplest and most pleasant way to overcome the deficit of this element in our bodies – by placing one of the following crystalline forms in water, such as rock crystal, opal, agate, amethyst, quartz, which contain the silicon in the form of silicon dioxide. Usually 2-3 days is considered plenty to do the job – make your drinking water crystal clean and release the silicon needed. Also, this water can be used for cooking purposes. As the silicon dioxide works by structuring the water molecules, it acquires the properties to force out all pathogenic microorganisms, simple fungi, toxins and allogenic chemical elements. After the 2-3 day period, you will probably find some residue at the bottom of a glass container. You may want to share the silicon-enriched water with your pets or plants as it will only be of benefit to all. Only make sure to use the top levels of the water while exposing of the bottom level with the residue.

The path to health can be simple, not requiring the use of expensive remedies and supplements, and still show for a great health.